Sunday, January 31, 2016

Science Fun

Here are a few random science experiments the kids and I have done recently:

Most of these are from and this one is called Fantastic Foamy Fountain:

We added water and yeast to hydrogen peroxide and dish soap...

...and immediately we got a reaction!

So fun!

This one is called Lava in a Cup:

We added oil to colored water

...and of course it sat on top

Then we poured salt in...
(It's hard to see here, but the salt, which was heavier than either the water or the oil, sank to the bottom, carrying some oil with it.  When the salt dissolved, the blobs of oil would float back to the surface, looking a bit like a lava lamp)

Cleaning Pennies with Vinegar:

We got some dirty pennies...

Added them to vinegar and salt...

..the acid in the vinegar reacted with the salt to remove the copper oxide on the pennies!

This one we saw on Facebook and it's called Climbing Water:

We filled six cups half full with water in the colors of the rainbow...

Next, we put a paper towel "bridge" between each of the cups...

After a while, the water had "climbed" up the paper towels and started to mix with it's neighboring color!

That's all for now - maybe next time we'll blow something up... =)

Call Back 2016

January 15-17 was Call Back weekend time again.   Click here for the definition of Call Back. =)

This year I went to the event on Friday night as well.   It was a casual, mingling event with a TON of people.   I hung with Philip and met a bunch of new people at the start of the evening, but then abandoned him and chatted with friends for the rest of the night. =)

On Saturday night we went to the dinner/dance downtown at Abode:

All ready to go

The band, Shifting Dullness, (made up of Faculty Docs) is always a highlight of the evening!

The band

Just a few of our friends who were there:

Jeff and Jenny Doolittle (new to staff and we love them and their kids!)

Todd and Dawnita

Garret and Lindsay

John and Amy

The famous "Who You Gonna Call?   Johnny Mousa!" song =)

Crowd surfing

With some sweet friends - Lauren, Lindsay, Michaela and Kelly

The third year class

Sun Min and Angela

Mindy and Dan (who's wedding we attended last fall)

Us again

Nick and Michaela (friends from house church)
His bow tie is wooden and super cool!

Ben and Kelly (and baby Elsie!)

It was a totally different experience being at these events this year with Philip, now that he's the Program Director.   He intentionally (though he's an introvert!) did a lot more mingling and chatting with people and though I was shocked, was very proud. =)

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Blogging January

This year I've decided I'm not going to feel guilty about the frequency of my blogging.    I'll blog when I blog, and I apologize for all the times you may check and there's nothing new.  =)

Okay, here's what we've been doing in January...

January 5th - Grandma D's table was delivered on a truck from Michigan!
She is moving out of her condo into a smaller apartment and was getting rid of some furniture - we are So happy to have this table in our home!    It was purchased by Philip's great grandparents so we are the third generation of Philip's family to own it, and our kids are the Fifth generation to sit at it! =)
It is beautiful (and can fold out and have leaves added to be HUGE!) I will have to post more pictures of it soon.

January 7th - a random picture of most of my CC class painting with egg/chalk paint (that we made with mortar and pestles) while studying the artist, Giotto.

A photo to preserve the memory of this beautiful nativity artwork Moriah created all on her own

Keenan and Moriah's egg paint artwork from CC

January 12 - I found $40 in the pocket of a pair of pants I had just bought at a thrift store for $3.99!

After about a week of de-cluttering Every part of our house, this is what we had to give away!
It has felt SO good to have all of that out of our house!
(I may do a post on this soon)

On a warmish day, the kids used the silly string they got in their stockings =)


One Saturday morning,  Moriah had a tea party with two of her friends, Jillian and Tam and their dolls =)
Here are the beautiful princesses

Pretty in red!

Doll's tea table

Time for lunch!

How we found the boys sleeping when we got home after a date one night =)

Keenan's elaborate wooden block creation

From the 18th to the 20th, we had the honor of hosting our friend, Ben, and his friend, Prince Bosco, a member of the Tutsi royal family in Rwanda!

Random snap from when Treyson spent a day with us =)

Caleb and an alien he made

On Tuesday, I took a few quick snaps of baby Esther, my friend Becca's new baby =)

Well, that about catches us up on the random things - I have a couple other posts from events in between here that I will get up soon....

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Andrew and Bethany's Visit

Here are the rest of the pictures and happenings from Andrew and Bethany's visit:

On the first, we all started the year off well by going to the Y and working out! =)

For dinner on Friday, we got a sitter and went to Carlos O'Kellys for dinner.   The food was Delicious and we had a great time!   I had brought along some little cards I had printed out (thinking we'd do them on NYE, but hadn't got to them) that had questions like "Favorite song of the year, best movie of the year, thing you laughed hardest at, most embarrassing moment, best advice of the year, hardest lesson, day you would live over and over..."  It made for some awesome conversation and was my favorite part of their visit!

Looking at house plans for their new house (they actually found one while they were here that they think they might go with - so exciting!)

Philip and Keenan playing one of our new games, Seven Wonders

During Caleb's nap on Saturday, Andrew, Bethany, Moriah and I went for a brisk, sunny 2 mile walk.  It was great!

For dinner on Saturday, we did a shrimp boil!

So fun and delicious

The boys convinced me to TRY Seven Wonders (even though I was Quite sure I would hate it!) and I was pleasantly surprised that I liked it much more than I thought I would - yay!

These two don't really know the meaning of "personal space" =)

Andrew took care of making breakfast on Sunday - grits, eggs and sausage - sooo delicious!   He knows a few tricks about making grits that we sure didn't!

We decided to go to the zoo for a couple of hours on Sunday afternoon before taking them to the airport.   In hindsight, it was probably too cold (I was Freezing!)  We spent the majority of our time at the indoor, heated exhibits =)

This Chinese alligator is about as tall as Keenan

The Tropics is one of my favorite areas in the zoo, and was also the warmest! =)

I love this guy's "hair"

Beautiful foliage for a group photo

Andrew and Bethany by the waterfall

My main man and me

A quick snap to show how close the tiger came to them and how Big he is!

So gorgeous

I thought this was so sweet =)

Posing perfectly in the setting sun ;)

This cracks me up! =)

I think we had a good balance of fun and downtime, and I think Andrew and Bethany found their time restful.   We SO enjoyed having them here and are grateful that they chose us for their NYE destination!