Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The In Between Days

Here is what we've been up to between Christmas and New Year's Eve:

On the morning of December 26th, we started the puzzle from Aunt Patti and Kent...
They were some Tiny pieces!

... and 24 hours later, we/I finished it!

Whew!   That was the most challenging puzzle I've undertaken in a while!

While trying to get a picture of the kids with some of their favorite gifts, this happened...

...and then after we got them all cleaned up - here is Moriah with her Perler beads from Keenan, Keenan with his watch from Moriah, and Caleb with his magnatiles project book from Mommy and Daddy

S'mores with what we had on hand =)

This was one of Moriah's gifts from us.   She colored all these charms, and then we put them in the oven...

...and they shrunk!

So crazy and cool!

On Sunday afternoon, we sat down together to "properly" look through the scrapbook from Aunt Patti, and we all thoroughly enjoyed it!   What a treasure!

Most of our house church friends were still out of town for Christmas, so we had the Pennys and our friend, John Grisham (awesome name, right?) over for a fun evening (cozied up out of the COLD!) with turkey pot pie and soup and leftover desserts and great fellowship and prayer.

Moriah made Caleb some "king" clothes

Crown and robe =)

Caleb was very proud of his collection of all the different trains in Ticket to Ride

Philip was at work, but the four of us had a great time playing together (with adjusted rules for the two younger ones)

Well, winter Finally arrived here and everything froze over!   The roads (in our neighborhood) as well as the driveway and walkways have been Treacherous!

Last night, we took an impromptu trip to Tulsa, OK to buy Philip an SUV! =)   We stayed the night in a nice hotel room with two queen beds and a pull out couch (so there was plenty of space for the kids).   They settled the best they Ever have in a hotel and we all had a great night!

Keenan slept the latest and then the other two snuggled in with him when he woke up =)

After breakfast, Philip headed out to pick up the car (Honda CRV), the kids watched TV and I read a book until he came back and picked us up and we all went for a ride to check it all out.   We loved it!  We said goodbye to him at the dealership (he needed to head back home to work) and we got late check out and hung out in the pool and hot tub for a while before getting lunch at Chick Fil A and heading home.

They had a blast!

Caleb and I hung out here most of the time =)

I remembered this morning that today is the 12th anniversary of our engagement!

Philip sure is lucky that this fine piece of stylin' woman said "Yes", isn't he?? =)
(HAHAHAHA!   I forgot to bring flip flops for the pool and ended up even having to go to the front desk looking like this because our room key wasn't working after we went to the pool) 

Will post a picture of the new SUV soon. =)

I'll be leaving to pick Andrew and Bethany up from the airport in a few minutes... SO Excited!!! =)

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Mom W. said...

Wow, was I ever behind on your blog!!! Everybody is getting new cars... am I surprised that it is a Honda... ah no ;) Looking forward to seeing it!! Sounds like a fun impromptu trip!!!