Monday, December 7, 2015

Thanksgiving Trip 2015- Part Two

Oops, it took me a while to get around to posting the rest of our trip...

This trip was filled with lots of fun, family time and not many scheduled, planned events.  It was awesome.   I think I forgot to mention, but on Friday morning, we hired a babysitter for all the kids and all the adults went to the movies to see the last Hunger Games.   It was awesome!

Philip, Jeff and Erik working on cutting some floor boards for the tree house

We got to celebrate Hudson's 8th birthday with him!

On the 28th, we had a (downsized) Christmas celebration with stockings filled by everyone

Philip and I with ours

...and of course Mom couldn't resist getting Christmas pajamas for all the kids =)

Just the girls =)

The grown up girls even got pj's!   I love them!

Mom, Jessica and I now have matching Michigan flats!   So cute!

Quick!   Take the picture, we're going to fall over!

Uno Attack was Well played during our visit!!

Great Grandma Eberts playing UNO with Caleb and Moriah

...and we did Christmas cookies..

I love this moose cookie cutter that Mom has!

Jessica and Adilyn

Moriah's creations

These ones got a little "well done", so I decorated them as examples

One of the many "Monopoly" games that got played...this one was called "Vinton-opoly" and it's all about the county where Jeff grew up in Ohio!

Moriah was super sweet helping Caleb with his cookies

Love this!

Reagan ate his cookies before I could get a picture!

Keenan and Hudson's creations

The largest of the Uno Attack games

Jess and I corralled all the kids in the bedroom to do fingerprints on this canvas for Mom =)
I think it turned out great!

She loved it!

Mom Also couldn't help herself... and bought Christmas dresses for the girls...

Eyes closed, getting their dresses =)

So beautiful!  (She got shoes for Moriah too, but sadly they were too small)

Cousin love!

A recreation of the picture from two year ago...

How cute are they??

Grandma and her sweet girls

Caleb asked me to roll him up in the rug =)

Philip did a Ton of work on the tree house!
This was the last (very random shaped!) piece to go in the floor

When I came across this photo a few weeks ago, I knew we HAD to try and recreate it with the kids at Thanksgiving! =)

Caleb and Adilyn were only a couple weeks old here!

Haha!   The result was so hilarious!
(We plan to do this every few years now - it will be awesome when they're all teenagers!)

Philip and the little ones

Check out this amazing train track Philip put together for Caleb!?

We surprised Great Grandma Eberts with a little (early) birthday celebration while we were all together

She read SO many books to these kids I'm surprised she didn't lose her voice!

One of the intense games of Euchre that happened ;)

Sadly, it came time to leave the warm weather and head back to our chilly home...

Mom reading the kids a Christmas book before we left in the morning

We hadn't had any pictures together all week, so we grabbed one before we headed out the door =)

...and one with Philip...

...and the grands =)

We are SO thankful for safe, uneventful, on time travel going and coming!

Caleb conked out for a nap in Atlanta (lucky guy)

What a fun trip it was and how blessed we are with such wonderful family!


Mom W. said...

Wow, love the pajamas and the dresses, you are all so spoiled!!!

Loved all the pictures!!

Mark and Rebekah said...

You guys have such a fun family! I love seeing all the things you guys do!!! Wow, we need to up our game around here and do less sitting around talking and more fun stuff!

I love how Kathleen thinks - fun pajamas and beautiful dresses for the girls... If I'd ever had the chance to be a Grandma I would have loved to be like that too :) It's so fun that the adult girls got matching pajamas too :)

I love the finger print canvas - so fun and colourful!

It looks like you guys made many happy memories! I'm glad you had fun!