Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Our Lazy Day

* All photos (except for three that he is in) and commentary are Keenan's.   The views expressed here are not necessarily those of the blog administrator ;)

Hi, this is Keenan. My mom let me use her old camera and I documented our whole day. Here's my short blog:

We all stayed in our pajamas for most of the day

Here's Momma painting Moriah's toenails

Here's us at the start of a laundry fight

Here's Mommy, Moriah and Caleb in the fight

Now I'm in the fight


After the fight, laundry everywhere... before we sorted it and folded it

Then we watched a Christmas movie and had lunch.  

Here's me using the self timer to show us sorting Lego

Here's us eating candy from our gingerbread houses... Mmmm

After lunch we skyped with our family in Canada for a whole hour.

Here's Moriah and Caleb with some hot chocolate that a neighbor gave us

When I was getting the mail, I found these bags by the steps outside... I wonder what's in them??

This is from the Stephens and they gave us the stuff to make a gingerbread house and challenged us to make it look just like our house

Here's Mommy cutting out the pieces
(We decided to make it flat because it would be really hard to make it 3D)

Here's it ready to be decorated

Here is it fully decorated

The Stephens gave us another bag and it had stockings and stuff to put in them and give to other people to show them that God loves them and cares for them.

So we did it and filled out the cards that came with them and said that God loves them and we hope they have a very good Christmas and then we prayed that whoever got them would be blessed and they would know that Jesus loves them.  Then we took out the stockings and whenever we got to a house we thought we should put one at, we snuck up to the house, put it on the door handle and ran back to the van and drove away.    

It was fun giving the stockings to other people and knowing that they would be blessed by Jesus and maybe start believing in Him.

When we got home, Caleb was asleep so Momma put him to bed and Moriah started doing crafts.   I wanted Momma to look for things that I could do too, and then we found this peppermint bowl and decided to try to make it.   
This is how it turned out.  It isn't perfect, but it still worked

Then I was thinking of what I could do with some pipe cleaners, and then I decided to make this =)

Moriah didn't really want to do this, but I really wanted her to, so she did.   The glasses are a bit crooked, but otherwise I think it's really funny.  My mom thought it was really funny too.

While Moriah was making a stick snowman thingy, Momma made this mini pallet and I think it's really cool.

This is the end of my full day post and I hope I'll be able to do it again.


Mark and Rebekah said...

Awesome blog post Keenan, I loved it :)

It looks like you guys had the perfect holiday-day - lots of fun, but lots of down time too :)

It was great talking to you today... Skype makes it easier to be apart at Christmas.

Love you all.

Merry Christmas!

Grandma W. said...

Wow, I am so impressed Keenan, good job!!! The pictures are great, I LOVE the peppermint bowl!! You are a good news reporter!!

We enjoyed skyping with you!!!

Really cool idea to do the stockings and give them away, praying God will bless too!!

Love you all, grandma

Bruce Woodford said...

Hey Keenan, Great post! We'll be watching for another sometime!
Lots of love,