Monday, December 21, 2015

Moriah's Seventh Birthday (Weekend)

She's SEVEN!    Our sweet Moriah Joy is seven years old! =)    She has been looking forward to this birthday like no other...

Philip was out of town for most of her birthday, so the festivities got spread out over the rest of the weekend, too =)

For her birthday breakfast, they had waffles with white chocolate chips and ice cream on top

We skyped with Philip and she opened her gift from Mom and Jeff, which was this:

Pretty girls!

We decided it would be super fun to decorate gingerbread houses on her birthday (with one for each of us!)

Caleb and I working on his

Moriah had chosen a set that had Santa's sleigh and two sets of reindeer, but the logistics of getting all the pieces to actually stand up, while staying glued together just about gave me a nervous breakdown, so she decorated them flat instead (and helped me with my house)

Keenan chose the mini village kit (which meant there were about 30 pieces for me to assemble for him!)

Lots to decorate!

Happy kids

The house I chose, that Moriah helped me decorate

All the finished pieces, set up on the butcher block:

Keenan's village

 Caleb's house (his had really cute accessories (I love the Christmas light candies)

 Moriah's completed team

The whole collection!

The rest of her actual birthday went like this...

We went downtown to a cool store we had first been to several weeks ago, called The Spice Merchant, where she had spied some pretty tea sets.    She picked this one out to buy with birthday money:

It's china and can actually be used!

It came in this adorable basket =)

Next, we attempted to go to the Nifty Nut House for her to pick out some candy, but the Christmas rush was so crazy that we turned right around and walked out!   (She was cool with getting candy at the grocery store) =)

We watched a movie, had her choice for dinner (chicken bacon tater tot casserole) and then they hung out with the Pennys while I went to a tutor meeting.  I felt terrible being gone on her birthday, but it was the only date that worked for the others, and she had fun anyway =)
Philip flew in while I was at the meeting, so he picked them up and brought them home and put them to bed.   I think she was happy to see Daddy on her birthday.

Friday morning before Philip went to work, she put on her pretty dress from Grandma and opened the rest of her gifts:

All ready!

Keenan bought her a bunch of new hair bows (hers were all in pretty bad shape) in Every color imaginable (with his own money!)

She got another Dollie and Me outfit from us cute!

That night, when Philip got home from work, we went to the Drive Thru Christmas event right before bed.

The next day at lunch we did her cake.    She decided on an ice cream cake (which she and Keenan helped assemble).   They all loved it and I loved that it was so easy to make and that there weren't leftovers sitting around for days! =)

Happy "two days after your" birthday, Moriah! =)

Saturday evening, Philip and I went to a Christmas party, so we got a sitter (which the kids LOVE) and she agreed to bake and decorate Christmas cookies with them.   Here are a few pictures of that adventure: =)

I LOVE this one!   Thank you, Juli - you're so awesome!

Apparently they (mostly Caleb) made a Giant mess, but she had the place spick and span when we got home! =)

On Sunday afternoon, we did the "birthday package" at the bowling alley on base and played two hours of bowling, with pizza and pop...

...and the birthday girl got a souvenir bowling pin to take home! =)

So, it was a little stretched out and crazy, but I think she felt well loved and celebrated over Four days =)  

We love you, Moriah!


The Woodfords said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Moriah! Looks like you had a super birthday weekend! Lots of love to you from all of us.

Mom w said...

I think that is way cooler than just a party - a birthday week.

Mark and Rebekah said...

Happy Birthday to a beautiful birthday girl!

I love the pictures of the special birthday celebrations!

I LOVE your birthday dress! Your Grandma has good taste!

Awesome Gingerbread creations - it must run in the Woodford genes :)

I think your tea set, and the picnic basket they came in are my favourite set I've seen! So cute. You have good taste! Haha :)

Happy late birthday sweet girl!