Wednesday, December 16, 2015

It's Christmastime!

Here are some fun Christmas things we've been up to!

I made these fun Sharpie mugs for my students at C.C.

Keenan and Moriah assembled the Christmas tree all on their own this year!   Woop!

I also let the kids do most of the tree decorating... not sure if it was laziness or laid backness, maybe a little of both ;)

Other than the tree, the mantel is really the only thing I decorated... just wasn't in the mood to get Christmas stuff out all over the house this year.

The kids new favorite way to eat lunch!  I saw it on Pinterest and decided to give it a try and hey love having lots of fun things to chose from in all the little compartments =)

Some fun snaps at a photo shoot

Love this!

A mug for my neighbor's birthday
(Her name is Hope)

This year instead of making several kinds of cookies and making up plates for our neighbors, we decided to make them cookie mixes in jars!    It was a fun, messy evening!   Since some of our neighbors have nut allergies, we opted for "Cranberry White Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies"

Intently measuring

Each person had a job and we did them sort of in an assembly line

Their favorite things to measure were craisins and white chocolate chips =)

The aftermath

All done!
(I made a batch for our family and they loved them!)

Just a cute footie-pajamed kid that lives here =)

A mug I decorated (this time with oil based Sharpies) for my friend, Dawnita's birthday

 This is soo exciting!   This is the very first year we've had lights on the outside of our house, and Philip did an amazing job!   They make me so happy!

He loves me :)

 Yup, magnatiles still the toy of the decade in our house =)

 Moriah braved the cold to come help me at a frosty 8 am shoot the other morning!   Love this girl!

On Tuesday, we were sad to see our Weeping Willow go :(
It had started to die, and two big branches had broken off in storms.   So sad, that corner is soo bare now!

Tonight the kids and I drove around and looked at a few super cool light displays... then we came home and skyped with Philip and Grandma D!

She couldn't get over how amazing it was that she was in Michigan and we were in Kansas and we could see and talk to each other  - what a blessing! =)

Tomorrow our baby girl will be SEVEN!!


Mom W. said...

I feel so badly that I didn't remember Moriah's Birthday (what kind of a Grandma am I?) in time to get her card off to reach her today!! Tell her please that I am so sorry and we will get it on the way as soon as we can!!! I love the mantle decos and the cookie mixes, such a neat idea and neat kind of cookie. The mugs are cool, there was something else... I forgot...

Mom W. said...

Oh yeah, the LIGHTS!! So nice!!!

Mark and Rebekah said...

I loved this post :) So many fun Christmas things :)

I love your mugs. What great gift ideas.

And I love seeing all the fun you've been having with your kids. I love how happy your family is :)

Oh, and awesome lights! I LOVE the Christmas lights! Great job Philip :)

I hope you guys have a very merry Christmas! We'll miss you!

Maybe we can skype one of the days that your family is over here? They're here Monday evening and Tuesday all day...

Love you all!

Bethany said...

LOVE the mugs! I've so wanted to try it but haven't been sure how well it worked… You can give me a tutorial SOON =) And your mantle looks so nice and the kids did a GREAT job on the tree! Fun to see what y'all have been up to… a Very low key Christmas and Christmas decorating year for us as well =)