Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Eve 2015

We have had a Wonderful Christmas as a family here in Kansas! =)

First a few festive pictures of the kids and then on to the events of our Christmas Eve:

The "tree at night" picture (I like how it turned out)  =)

These ones were just fun festive ones that I did to test out some new photographic knowledge.   I love them!

Caleb, the Clown

Keenan, the Confident

Moriah, The Sweet

Jolly Trio!

Christmas Eve morning started with a table full of candles in the dark...

 ...and a candlelit waffle breakfast before Daddy went in to do rounds

 White chocolate peppermint popcorn for snack

 ...with hot chocolate

We decided to have our big Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve, so I wouldn't have to spend time in the kitchen on Christmas day.   Since I had made the cheesy potatoes and green bean casserole the day before, there really wasn't much work to do for dinner, except taking the turkey out of the brine and roasting it.   We decided to set a pretty table, even though we weren't having any guests.

 Moriah helping set the table

 Caleb reaching up to get the special Polar Express bell down

 We can still hear it ring! =)

 The other half of the turkey team

 The table all ready

 Yummy dinner and sparkling grape juice

 Ready to eat!

 Caleb "hugging" his plate after he realized he got to eat off of china =)

 Impromptu family picture after dinner

 Pile on Daddy!

 A special gift from Melissa!

 Leather cuff bracelet with three interchangeable accessories

 We all made lists for each other of what we love or appreciate about each other... it was really special to share and read them

 I had a friend make rice bags (to heat up and keep your bed warm) for the kids, so they got to have them on Christmas Eve...

...before they bedded down by the Christmas tree
(They were so excited to get to do this that they put themselves to bed shortly after 7!)   It took about an hour and a half for everyone to fall asleep though... =)


Mark and Rebekah said...

I LOVE these pictures... The tree at night, the gorgeous individual shots of each kid, your beautiful table... It looks like you had a perfect Christmas :)

I love that your kids slept in front of the tree too. They are going to have so many happy memories :)

The "appreciation statements" are pretty sweet too!

Mom W. said...

What a fun Christmas eve and yummy supper, I figured the plate with different stuff was yours!!! =)

We had a yummy Christmas supper too at the Mill Tales Inn in T'burg, compliments of Rob and Ada!! (a total surprise!!) After having lunch at their place too, NO cooking for me!!!