Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Day 2015

Our first Christmas in our own home as a family of five was... perfect.

Christmas morning pajamas and funny hats =)


Body wash crayon

Love this book!

Christmas breakfast (what everyone else had)
Eggs, bacon, (Pillsbury) cinnamon rolls

Candles ended up being one of my favorite parts of Christmas this year - we have had them burning almost all day, but the best is in the morning when it's still dark

Philip had to go in and round again for several hours and we opted to wait until he got back to open gifts so we wouldn't be rushed.  We did decide to open a family gift from Aunt Patti first though...

So beautifully wrapped!

Wow.  This was Such a surprise and ended up being one of the most meaningful gifts of Christmas!
(You can tell by the looks on the kids faces, they even "get" how special this is)

While going through things at Grandma Dooley's house (in preparation to move her into an apartment), Aunt Patti came across boxes and boxes (neatly dated and in order) of doubles of all the photos Grandma had taken of the family over the years.   There were SO MANY, she decided to put them into scrapbooks for the grandkids.    Philip got a beautiful, detailed scrapbook of his whole life... from birth right up until after Caleb was born!   Philip needed to leave, so we just did a quick look through and are "saving it" for a moment when we can all sit down and Really enjoy it together.  What a gift!

I called and had a wonderful chat with Myrtle before lunch and it was so sweet to hear her voice.   She was alone for Christmas, but her spirits were bright.   She went on and on about the gifts that Phil (our other sweet neighbor and her great friend) had given her, including her favorite, a 38 revolver!  =)

A highlight of the day was getting a surprise face time chat with Papa (Philip's dad)!  Caleb later said that "presents and chatting with Papa" were the best parts of the day =)

Present time (looking for a gift for each person)

We Really enjoyed our gift opening time and took turns and enjoyed each person's gift as they opened it.

All of the kids excited about one of Caleb's gifts (a book of project ideas for their magnatiles)

Moriah excited about some early reader Princess books

Keenan wins for best reaction of the day
(He LOVES the watch that Moriah bought him with her own money!)

Philip wins for best wrapping!   I am so impressed (especially since he made a special trip to Walmart on Christmas Eve just to find ribbon to match the paper he had used!)  He loves me. =)

Philip being excited about getting diapers (I used them to pack around a fragile gift)

... a mug from the kids

They each decorated a third of the mug =)

Michigan hoodie!

This is adorable.   It's a tiny little bunny that Caleb picked out at Awana for Daddy =)

A memory game, featuring the characters from one of his favorite books, "Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site" from Moriah

I gave the biggest gift (of our family gifts) =)

I designed a poster for Philip's new office with one of my photos as the background, and showcasing his "five key principles" as he takes on the Program Director job (yes, big news that hadn't hit the blog yet!)

Fun crafts for Moriah

Keenan was thrilled to get the Ticket to Ride board game

...and we saved these for last (surprise packages from Mark and Rebekah!)


Yay!!  It's volleyball and badminton with a net!   What an awesome gift!!

With my love

Being artsy with Moriah's new Perler beads
(they were his gift to her)
The kids spent their own money on each other and were very generous!

The first three that they made

I threw this "Cream of Turkey Soup" in the crockpot in the morning and we enjoyed it for dinner!  It was amazing!!

Caleb and Moriah's first project from the new magnatile book!

Playing Ticket to Ride for the first time!
I was thrilled to discover that I enjoy it!   *I don't have to play Settlers of Catan for a whole Year if I play this once a month! =)

My super soft, warm and adorable slippers from Philip (he did very well finding me a pair that fit all of my criteria )  ;)   I also got a beautiful new writing pen and mechanical pencils (since I've been doing a ton of journaling) and some fun kitchen gadgets that I had been eyeing.

I told Philip last night (don't worry family I don't really mean it), "I may never want to travel for Christmas again!   It has been soo relaxing just to be able to stay home!"   For this time, it was such a blessing to just be in our home with the five of us and not have to entertain a soul or be anywhere. =)

We ended the day on a very Christmassy note... watching Jurassic World after the kids went to bed ;)


Bethany said...

Love this! Our years living in Florida growing up… we Never traveled for Christmas and those were special "just our family" memories. We did often have various guests for Christmas dinner that didn't have family or anywhere to go, but that was special too =) Glad y'all had a nice day! T-4 days!

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

We have decided to never travel at Thanksgiving and Christmas. We may change our minds, but with JB's job, I'm not sure if we could anyways. I love being at my house.

Mark and Rebekah said...

As much as I would love you to come back Christmases, I have to admit that my very favourite times were when it was just us - just my family. We had a bit of a different situation though since our grandparents lived only a few blocks away so we could still have all our personal family time and still walk over for presents and Christmas dinner in the afternoon... I know though that our Christmas memories are some of my very favourite memories ever, and that I still feel a thrill every time I get to go home for Christmas... Whatever you decide in the future, I'm glad you had such a beautiful family time.

Anyway, Philip is an awesome present buyer. I'm so impressed he went out to get you matching ribbon! And I love the slippers :)

There were so many thoughtful gifts from each of you... You did such a good job of surprising and blessing each other!

And I'm glad you like the volleyball / badminton sets :)

Love you all!

Mom W. said...

Wow, the scrapbook was such a neat gift!!! What a great idea!!!

Keenan's reaction to the watch is priceless!!

The mug done by the kids... so cool!!!

The poster, Wow, that is so nice!! Sure took some forethought and planning!!

So glad your day was so easy and you didn't have to do too much in the kitchen!!