Saturday, November 28, 2015

Trottin' for Turkey

This year, instead of Philip and I running it, Keenan and Moriah ran the Turkey Trot!   It's a 2 (or 10) mile race, and we are soo proud of them for ramping up their mileage and doing a two mile race already!

The day of the race dawned COLD and windy.   The temperature was 33, felt like 23.  


 Caleb was not impressed

 The chilly runners ready to start!
(Philip ran with Moriah)

 The start line (there were 1,600 runners!)

 Keenan finishing (he placed 114th out of 1,609 and his time was 16:06)  He was the very first 8 year old to finish!!

I missed seeing Moriah finish in the crowd, but she did excellent, she placed 486th out of 1,609 and her time was 20:31)  She was the very first 6 year old to finish!!

With their 17 pound turkeys!!

We had some fun making some Christmas goodies for our CC classes...


Okay folks, on to our Thanksgiving trip to Florida!!!

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