Monday, November 9, 2015

Halloween and Surrounding Randomness

Here's a catch up of the week-ish surrounding Halloween...

October 28th, we decorated pumpkins with our new friends, the Doolites:

These three decided to paint...

While everyone else opted to carve
(My friend, Jenny, and three of her kids, Joel, Jacob and Jillian)

Jacob's smiley pumpkin =)

This is the only picture I took of my kid's pumpkins =0/
(It's Keenan's)

That evening we went to Elias's first birthday party!

Moriah holding baby Graciana (the one who's birth I photographed)

Just like I was...holding babies any chance I got! =)

October 29th:

Our C.C. group took a nature walk for Science

...and we had (less than a month) newly weds, Dan and Mindy over for dinner! =)
(They love our kids and I our kids love them!)

October 30th:
Moriah lost her first two teeth!

They had been lose for a while, and when the kids went to the dentist at the beginning of the week, he said they needed to come out ASAP (since the two behind them were already in!)  I upped our usual tooth fairy pay and told her if she got them out in the next week I'd give her $5. =)

Her two new teeth!

October 31st:

We had our friends from house church, Drew and Lindsay over for lunch.   They're fairly newly married too (four months) and we have great conversations with them.

This year, I didn't buy the kids new costumes, and we didn't make a big deal out of the day.   We went to a festival put on at the church they attend AWANA at...

Pirate Caleb coloring a picture

They had a bunch of fun games set up (all over the church) that had funny "Biblical" themes...

Caleb trying to take down the lions in the den with Daniel

Moriah getting blindfolded by Queen Esther...

...for a game of "pin the crown on Queen Esther"

Keenan hitting "Goliath" smack in the face with a foam ball =)

Waiting our turn outside of the "cemetery"
(I was a little unsure of this part, worried there might be a haunted house or something)

...instead it was a giant, dark, air filled "balloon tent thing" that the kids went in and someone told the story of Jesus rising from the dead... pretty cool!

Our friends, the Alleman's 

After that, we went home for dinner and then the kids handed out candy at our door for the first time ever.   We were really surprised and had a Ton of people come!  (I'm a mean mom - I let the kids each choose ten pieces of candy from the stash they came home from the church festival with, and all the rest got added into the bowl to hand out).

Moriah with our new neighbor and friend, Khloe

November 1st:

At lunch time we had our new neighbors over for burgers on the grill.  Their names are Eric, Hope, Khloe (6) and Bronze (7 months).    I think we will be great friends! =)

This was later that day.   A cool mobile Keenan made out of magnatiles:

November 2nd:

I made yogurt for the first time!
(I have done it twice more since then!)

Buying gallons of milk on sale for $2 and using my own starter, means I get 2 quarts of greek yogurt for $2!    I may never buy yogurt for myself again!  The recipe I use is for the crockpot and it's sooo easy!

This is the whey that is strained out and I use it to make my broth for soups, etc.  It has a lot of the protein in it from the milk

November 2nd:

Operation Christmas Child!

Philip actually took this picture while I was out (not sure how I would have felt about this had I been home).    When I got home, Philip had the ceiling fan in the boy's room taken apart... to remove a twisted mess of yard from it.   This is only now a little humorous. =)  Also just now getting to the funny stage is the fact that Caleb's hair was wet a few nights ago... from being dipped in the toilet right before bed!   Oh boy, that's one way to get an impromptu shower before bed.  

Anyhoo... that's what we've been up to lately.  On to Caleb's birthday!


Mom W. said...

Hmmmmm interesting yarn picture, was it supposed to be a spider web?

So on the same page about Halloween, seems like all that candy can't be a good thing!! Looks like it was a fun day anyway!!

Mark and Rebekah said...

That's funny that some of your friends have a last name that's so similar to yours :)

A few years I've had kids at school paint little pumpkins since there was no way I was going to let them use knives :)

As usual, you guys look like you're having lots of fun :) I love that you guys have a tradition of doing shoe boxes together. So many memories.