Saturday, October 24, 2015

Post Trip Bits and Pieces

Here are just a few pictures from the tail end of our trip until now:

(It was the seventh cache Ever placed!)

A little later, they found another one, not nearly as old, but a lot more interesting...

Just connect a AA battery between the posts on the side...

...and the cache is lowered out the bottom of the box.

The opening on the bottom of the box is just large enough to let the cache enter and exit.

After a quick bathroom break and another cache at a rest area, we passed one of these... They are just SO huge!  We saw hundreds if not thousands of wind turbines on this trip throughout western Kansas and eastern Colorado!


These bottles turned into an inadvertent science experiment.  One was well sealed in Colorado at 9,000 feet before we left for home.  When we stopped for lunch at the Kansas welcome center around 3,800 feet we noticed that it was looking a bit crushed.  The other one wasn't closed well so we sealed it up at the rest area and kept driving home.  Ignoring everything other than the elevation change the bottle from Colorado should be at about 75% of atmospheric pressure and the one at the welcome center is at about 90%.  Can you tell the difference?

Keenan snapped this picture of Caleb and I doodling on the whiteboard the other day
(He chose this activity for some one on one time with me)

We were out for a family run on Thursday evening when it started to rain a little.    We were bummed... until we saw that there was a breathtaking, complete rainbow in the sky (you could see most of a double one as well!)   What a blessing!   Had we been dry and in the house, we never would have seen it (as it disappeared within 10-15 minutes).  The camera did NOT do it justice, but we got a couple fun pictures anyway...  

Love these two great runners!   
(Moriah had just finished 1.33 miles and Keenan pushed through to do 2.25!)

My family at the end of the rainbow - better than any pot of gold!!

The highlight of my day yesterday:
Check out those savings!!!
This will be plenty of meat for four meals (and leftovers I'm sure!)


Mom W. said...

Interesting geocache that fits inside!! Innovative!!

Enjoy pigging out ;)

Anonymous said...

My parents are big geocachers and are wondering what your geocaching name is.