Monday, October 12, 2015

Half Marathon and Youth Marathon

Yesterday was my second (and this time, Really my last) Half Marathon.  *Okay, there are some very specific, highly unlikely events which could make another one a possibility, but I can pretty safely say, "Never again". =)

My last half was less than stellar all around, and this one was sort of my chance to redeem the experience. =)   A ton of my friends also ran it, which made the experience that much more fun!

I was up at 5, ate my (carefully researched and prepared the night before) breakfast, got all my clothes and gear ready and was headed out the door shortly after 6.    The race didn't start until 7:30, but I like to get there early, to make sure I know where to park, and have time to get in line for the port a potties...and then wait a little, and get back in line again before heading to the start line. =)

I was aiming for a 2 hour finish (which requires about a 9:11 minute pace), and started out with two of my friends.   However, at the 1 mile marker, we were doing an 8:30 pace and I knew that if I kept that up I'd burn out fast, so I dropped back.   I was kind of bummed to be running by myself (since I felt like that was one of the hardest things about my last half), but God was good and really lifted my spirits and this, though long and hard, was one of the most enjoyable races I've ever run!

Philip, great guy that he is, after a rough night of call and not much sleep, packed the kids up and headed downtown so they could (not only see me finish) catch me at two different spots on the course before the finish line!   Boy, do I love to see my little team cheering on the sidelines!

At mile 11

Coming in to the finish (2:02:36)

While I didn't quite make my goal of 2 hours (which I was very at peace with), I Did beat my last half marathon time by 17 minutes!

My (speed demon) friend, Lindsay

Heather made this fun sign for me!!

Three of my biggest fans!
(Yes, yes I do have bags of frozen peas taped to my knees)

Best support team ever!

It was also a big day for Keenan and Moriah!    They decided a few months ago they'd like to complete the "Youth Marathon."   This meant that over the months before the race, they would complete 25.2 miles of runs, and then on race day, they would run the final mile with a bunch of other kids, completing their full marathon distance!

This was the day of their first training run!
(They did a few in July before our trip up north and the bulk of them in August and September)

Happy runners!
(This was before they both got New Balance shoes)

They did So well at running more than they ever had before!   Moriah especially improved SO much!  She had never run more than half a mile non stop before, and would often have a hard time not getting emotional and crying.    This time, she did a couple weeks of splitting her mile up into one half mile stint and two quarter mile sections, but in no time at all, she was doing the whole mile in one shot...and then doing it every other day like it was no big deal!    
Their log sheets

At the race they both did a Great job!

Keenan did the mile in about 7:30
(I love how he's in mid air here!)

Moriah finished in under 10 minutes
(She used to take 13 minutes for a mile)

All done and soo happy!

All of us with our medals

...and our race shirts

This medal is a Beast!

Now the kids are training for the 2 mile Turkey Trot in November!


In the five years that we have known the Pennys, we have missed Most of their kid's birthday parties because we happen to be out of town!   This year is no exception and we'll be missing Jade's party this weekend =0/   
We still wanted to celebrate with him and make him feel special, so we planned a mini surprise party for him and had their family over after the race for lunch!

 The (almost) 11 year old

 With his favorite meal: chicken strips, mac'n'cheese and cream soda! =)

 Keenan and Moriah helped me make an ice cream cake!


 Make a wish!

Layers of chocolate/vanilla ice cream bars, Reese's Peanut Butter Syrup, Cool Whip and crushed peanut butter cups

Happy Birthday, Jade!


Mom W. said...

Good job Joia, I am SO glad it went so well!!! And good job Keenan and Moriah too!!

Kathleen said...

Amazing time, Joia! So proud of you and what a great example and model you are for the kids. Congrats to both Keenan and Moriah!! Those times are awesome!! Love you all. And Happy B'day to Jade as well.

Mark and Rebekah said...

I love how Philip and the kids come and cheer you on :) It must be so fun to see them!

And good job to you, and Keenan and Moriah! You're all amazing!