Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Eleventh Anniversary Trip to WA, ID and MT - 2015 (Day One)

Wow.  This is embarrassing.   I Cannot believe how long it's been since I blogged!   Probably no one is even checking anymore! =0/

I will have some catch up to do in the meantime, but I'll go ahead and post our anniversary trip.  I've decided to divide it up into days, since some of the days have So many pictures! =)

First off, why did we choose to spend our anniversary in Idaho??

Well, Philip was already in Washington for a two day Water Survival Course with the military.  It ended on our anniversary, so months ago, Philip thought, "Well, why don't you just fly out and meet me and we'll find something to do out there!"    I thought this sounded okay, (but figured it would definitely be a downgrade from the Awesomeness of last year's anniversary trip to the Azores!)  =)  Well, one of the amazing things about my husband is his gift in planning trips, and he certainly didn't disappoint!   This trip was A.Mazing!!

Devin and Melissa were So awesome to agree to come stay at our house and watch the kids for Five days (including travel) while we spent this time together.  We will return the favor when they take an anniversary trip, likely in the spring. =)

On September 25th, our anniversary, I left the house at 5 am and landed in Spokane, Washington at 10:30 Pacific Time.     A great thing about our trip was that friends of ours from Eglin, Dane and Elizabeth Newell, live in Spokane and we hadn't seen them in over a year!    When they found out we'd be in town, she not only offered to pick me up from the airport, but they offered us the use of their amazing, two year old Ford Explorer for our entire trip!    We had planned to get a rental car, but accepted their offer, and it turned out to be a much better fit for what we did later in the week (mountain driving, transporting bikes etc) than the Mustang we were going to get.   What a generous thing to do!  Here is their awesome car!

It had every possible gadget you can imagine and was really fun for Philip to drive! =)

After she picked me up (Philip wasn't done his course for another couple of hours), we went to their house.    They needed to leave to go visit Dane's sister in the hospital, so I hung out, had lunch and sat on their beautiful deck in the sunshine and finished reading Kent Brantly's book, "Called for Life" (that I had just started on my flight that morning!)  It's about the Ebola epidemic in Liberia.  What a great read!   I highly recommend it!

At about 2, I picked Philip up from the airport (where he was returning his own rental car) and then we decided to check out downtown Spokane before heading to Idaho.   It has beautiful rivers, rapids and falls right downtown!

First picture of the trip!
(This bridge we're on was a suspension one and you could feel it bounce when someone walked by!)

So pretty

With our flags on Canada Island

Me being Canadian =)

The bridge on the right in the foreground of this picture was the one where our selfie was taken

...and from another spot a little further down the river - we were pretty high up on this bridge!

Spokane hosts an annual run called the "Bloomsday Run".   It's one of the two largest timed races in the World!   It's 12 kms long, is held on the first day of every May and is open to all ages - walkers, runners, and even people in wheelchairs.   They've had as many as 61,000 participants sign up!(It's kind of penciled in on my bucket list now)

This sculpture, including 40 people of different ages, genders and athletic abilities is called "The Joy of Running Together"

Next, we drove about 45 minutes to a pretty restaurant on the shore of Lake Coeur d'Alene for dinner.  The food was awesome and the view was gorgeous!

A photo by the lake before leaving

We got to see some deer on our drive!

I love it when Philip arranges our accommodations and leaves it a surprise for me.   This one was no exception!

On the balcony of our condo - looking straight out to the mountains!

What a view to wake up to!

Inside - it was so pretty and cozy!

The full kitchen was nice, since we prepared two of our own meals every day

Another view
(The bed was sooo comfy - although we probably could have slept Anywhere after all our ventures!)

After settling in, we headed to Walmart to get groceries for the next few days.    While we were there, we saw two big campers parked at the edge of the parking lot...camping!   With a fire lit and everything!   So funny!

The fireplace was awesome and put out a lot of "toasty" heat!  (See what I did there?)
(I was thrilled to discover that sparkling apple cider has no added sugar!)

Wonderful anniversary day!


Mark and Rebekah said...

I still check your blog :) Every morning :) It was nice to see so many posts this morning :)

Wow, Philip did an awesome job planning your trip... I wonder if it would be weird if I asked him for pointers next time... He could charge - like a travel agency :) It could be his little side business.

I love the condo. It's cute and cozy, but seems really functional too. And that's so cool that he surprises you like that!

When we were planning our trip in California, Mark wanted to be the people having the fire in the Walmart parking lot! Haha! I'm glad I talked him out of it :)

Mom W. said...

Yay, Joia updated her blog!!! =) Nice accomodation!!!