Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Eleventh Anniversary Trip - Day Two

We woke to a fresh, cool morning and I enjoyed my breakfast by the fireplace and then my quiet time out on the balcony with a cup of tea. =)

We were So relaxed on this trip!   We never set an alarm for ourselves, always had a leisurely morning (Philip got to watch quite a bit of football), and we just enjoyed being able to take things at our own pace, with just two of us to worry about.

Our first adventure would be taking the gondola from Silver Mountain Resort three miles up the mountain!   It is the longest single stretch gondola ride in the world and takes 18 minutes!

Looking at the gondolas from the parking lot

This is a picture from the gondola of our condo building!

Here we go!

This was on a downhill stretch, as we went over several ridges before heading for the top

These ones probably freak my mom out =)

The cars were actually Very spacious and there was hardly anyone riding, so we didn't have to share =)

I leaned out the tiny window to take some of these

Our selfie (the camera on top of Philip's backpack) worked!

Looking back at the town of Kellogg where we stayed

We got out at the ski lodge, and then (with our lunch packed) started the 1.8 mile hike to the top (which was another 7-800 feet of elevation change)

The views were spectacular!

We shared some space with a lot of mountain bike trails, and this sign cracked me up

Mountains can make you feel so small!

Our trail

Always a new, breathtaking angle to see!

Looking back at the lodge (in the middle of the picture) where we had started!

Keep trucking!   It was nice that we had a map of the trail and Philip had his GPS, so we could see exactly where we were on the map and how much farther it was

This yellow sign!

One of my favorites

First glimpse of the top!
The day was overcast and cool and at the top it was quite windy and cold!

Wow...we're not in Kansas anymore!

That's Kellogg again way down there

After looking around a bit, we decided to have our lunch in the little hut, out of the cold.   When I opened up our lunch bag, I realized I'd forgotten a fork...and I had packed a salad.  =0/  I got a little cranky about this, but as Philip was praying for our food (and that I'd be able to eat my food somehow), the Lord gave me a great idea!

I put my salad in the bag from Philip's wraps, zipped it shut, turned it upside down, chewed one corner off, and squeezed it out the hole!   It worked great! =)   

After lunch, we were able to set the camera up on the platform of the hut and take shots out all four directions of the two of us.  I love how each one looks so different!

(By this time I was too cold and had to put my sweatshirt back on, even though I felt like it made me look bulky) =)

That's a long way up for this Ontario girl!

After about an hour, we headed back down.   First order of business, go off the trail to find a geocache that hadn't been found since 2012:

...and he found it!   This is probably his most scenic geocaching picture ever!
(FYI:  He's coming up on his 700th find!)

When we got back down to the lodge, we watched a few mountain bikers go by:

This is the very beginning of one of the trails!
(They just rode straight off this drop off and landed way below!)

The sign says, "If you can't complete these first two things, DO NOT continue on this trail!"  Yikes!

I'm a sucker for daisies.   They are so photogenic. =)

Checking out part of the "skills course" for the mountain bikers.   I only opted to jump off of the shortest jump! =)

Before getting back on the gondola, we decided to do another hike, about the same length, but with about half as much elevation change.  It was much different, (and kinder) but very beautiful!

This one was all in the woods, which was really pretty

Love this guy!

There are a lot of random, texture shots sprinkled through this hike...

More great views! 

Philip was looking for another cache while I amused myself with the camera...

Looking across at the peak where we had been earlier

These rocks were so intriguing to me!

I loved all the textures and colors (and thought these might make good background shots for something sometime)

Dead tree

Funny tree

Creepy dead trees

Tree that looks like a duck

These photos don't do the trail justice, it really was beautiful!

This didn't turn out the way I wanted, but is still fun =)

A teeny tiny cache we found in a fence post on the way back to the lodge!

This is just one of probably a Dozen chipmunks we saw on our trip (is it the state animal of Idaho?)

Between the two hikes, we covered about 6.5 miles and 1,450 feet of elevation.   What a fun first day!

Resting our tired bones on the ride back down the mountain

We were pretty hungry and had found a cool looking place online to have dinner.  However, we were bummed to find out they were closed for two months.   Our plan B was "The Fainting Goat, A Wine Bar and Eatery".   Okay, I admit it, I wanted to go as soon as I heard the name. =)   It didn't disappoint!

The interior was So amazing!   It was an old bank, with the safe, intact (now their wine cellar).  Every table and shelf and piece of decor was handmade by the owner!    We ordered a bowl of Butternut Squash Bisque to share as an appetizer:

Oh my goodness.   I think this will be served in heaven.   It. Was. Amazing!!!!  (I almost wanted to cancel my entree order and just order another bowl of this!)

Fun photo of us at our little table

Philip ordered their signature burger (Elk, I think)

I had their beef and mushroom stew (I know it was two "soups" but it was a cold night and I wanted something warm and comforting).  They both hit the spot. =)

My handsome man

That smile is due largely to the Butternut Squash Bisque in my hungry belly ;)
(We were so glad our original restaurant plan fell through!)

When we got back, we went to the hot tub (it was huge and was for the whole building to use but we never saw anyone else there).   It was soo nice to soak our sore feet and legs before bed!


Mom W. said...

Yes, the gondola picture DID freak me out, but reminded me of the cog rail ride up a Swiss mountaion (which of course at least wasn't up in the air) and was still scary enough!! The bike trail looks scary and the food looked delicious!! Too bad they don't give out recipes!!!

Mark and Rebekah said...

I LOOOOOOOVE the idea of a relaxing time away, and especially waking up without an alarm clock! Sounds heavenly!

The gondola ride too! It looks like so much fun! I love mountains... It seems crazy to me that some people get to see that view every day!

Your texture pictures are cool. They remind me of the backgrounds you can use in picmonkey... Actually, I love all your pictures and the fact that you two had such a great time :)