Friday, October 16, 2015

Colorado Trip, October 2015 - Pike's Peak! (Day 4)

On Friday, Sarah and the girls joined us for a trip up Pike's Peak!   Sarah hadn't been up since she was a kid and her girls had never been.
We had hoped to take the Cog Railway up, but it was all booked, so we drove up the highway.

Going through the toll booth at the bottom

Part way up the 20 mile, 7,000 ft of elevation drive!
(We took most of our pictures on the way down because they said it's better for your car to take breaks on the way down and rest the brakes.)

The Cog in the station at the top
...and heading down

The kids (the wind chill was below freezing!) in front of the original summit house (built in 1873)

While the rest of them went to find a geocache at the top, Caleb (who was experiencing a bit of altitude sickness) fell asleep on me

Proof positive!

Group shot

Sarah, Della and Morgan

Love this one!

Panoramic from near the top (hikers on the left made the climb and summit house/cog on the right)

What an absolutely amazing experience to be standing "on top of the world" and viewing God's beautiful creation All around us!   What a blessing and a memory to treasure always!

Since Caleb wasn't doing so great, and a few of the rest of us were starting to feel a little funky (lightheaded, dizzy and/or nauseated), we headed back down after about an hour...

We were in 1st or 2nd gear most of the way down... what a crazy drive!

Some of the mountain lakes

Sarah and I

Looking down at the road we took to get up!

Panoramic of the road down

My love and I just before The Switchbacks

We stopped at Crystal Reservoir (about 2/3 of the way down) for a picnic lunch.    It was gorgeous and the weather was perfect!   No more freezing wind. =)

I think this picture of Keenan and Della is so precious!

This is where we said goodbye to Sarah and the girls (sadly), and rushed off to make our reservation at Cave of the Winds...


Mom W. said...

Whew, way high!! So too bad you didn't get to take the cog rail!! I think I would find the drive hard!!

Kathleen said...

Well, you saved money by not taking the Cog. I was glad to have been able to take it with Dori though. I heard the drive could be a bit scary with no guardrails. And you weren't rushed to leave once you go to the top and you got to actually stop and enjoy things on the way down by using your car. It looks like you had a gorgeous, clear day to go. It was intermittently raining when we went and it wasn't super clear, but it was fun regardless. So glad you got to go.