Thursday, October 15, 2015

Colorado Trip, October 2015 - Garden of the Gods, Mays Peak (Day 3)

While getting ready on Thursday morning, Philip told me to look out the window.    No more than 10 feet outside of our bathroom window I saw this!

She just stood there and stared at me!

Then I saw that there were two of them!
(Apparently they are a fairly regular occurrence.  After this, they wandered into the backyard and hung around for about 20 minutes!)

Della and Morgan were off school for two days, so they and Sarah joined us at the Garden of the Gods!

Following Sarah there - just gorgeous!

I love this one with the kids in the foreground

All of us (it was soo windy and cold!)

A cute rabbit we saw in the park


Next, the kids got to try Sluice Panning at the Trading Post!   You buy a bucket of "dirt", empty it little by little into a box sieve, and then "sluice" (rinse) it in the water coming down to see what you find!

So cool!

Moriah dumping her bucket

The kids LOVED this!

Caleb woke up from his cat nap just in time!

Our little gold panners hard at work!

Della and Moriah

Some of the treasures!

Caleb doing it on his own

I love this - they were soo pretty!
(The ones we could identify were amethyst, pyrite and quartz)

At this point, Sarah and Della needed to leave for a birthday party, so we took Morgan and headed to the Garden of the God's Visitors Center.

On the way we saw "Balancing Rock"

A gorgeous view of Pike's Peak from the Visitor's Center

Riding a Bison

We stopped for lunch and then headed back to the house where Caleb and I took a nap, Morgan and Moriah played pretend all afternoon and Philip and Keenan headed out to geocache and hike Mays Peak.  These next pictures are from their hike.  It was a super fun time for the two of them!

The first part of the hike followed High Drive which used to be open to motorized traffic but was closed a few years ago.  This sign is at the highpoint on the road next to a parking lot where the trail truly begins.

Keenan climbing up the last really steep part before the peak

Stoked to be at the top Mays peak (8,283 feet / 2525 meters)!

I LOVE this picture!   What a great father/son trip!

Looking to the west (10,000+ foot peaks)...

And to the southeast (Colorado Springs and Cheyenne Mountain)

Panoramic view from north to south, centered on Colorado Springs to the east plus a game of Where's Keenan?

Heading back down (we took turns with the Camelback)

A narrow part of the trail

Pointing back to where they were!

Helen Hunt Falls was off the road shortly before the trailhead at High Drive

When they got back, Sarah and I headed out for a trail run (I hadn't done anything like that since high school and Loved it!) and a short hike before dinner.

Love this girl!
(We had a great run, a beautiful hike, great conversation and lost (and found!) the van key! =)

Kids chillin' watching "Magic School Bus" before bed


Mom W. said...

I'm pretty sure I have been to the Garden of the Gods too many years ago, It is so beautiful, I vaguely remember the balancing rock.

You got your exercise that day!!!

Kathleen said...

Oh my world! That picture of Philip and Keenan was so gorgeous! Loved their genuine smiles and Keenan is a mini Philip clone. :) Loved the mountains there!! Such beautiful pictures. I miss it so much.

Kathleen said...

P.S. Tell Keenan I did spot him in his "Where's Keenan" photo. :)