Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Colorado Trip, October 2015 (Days 1 and 2)

Wow, look at me... blogging about a trip, While we're still on it!  =)

Since we live so close to Colorado now, and our kids (grown up in Florida and now living in Kansas) have no concept of mountains, we decided to take a week and introduce them to beautiful Colorado!   Philip and I were both really excited about this trip as well, since he hasn't been to Colorado in about twenty years, and I'd only been for two short weekends, in the winter.

This turned out to be the Perfect time to go, as the weather was Beautiful!

We had a four hour drive the first day, to Lakin, KS.  

Philip did some geocaching on the way...

 In Garden City, he surprised me by showing up at my window holding this (what I thought for a second was a real pigeon!)

 A rare goofy moment - showing me that the cache is in the pigeon's butt =)

We stopped and visited with our friends, John and Lisa Birky, at their beautiful 1910 home in Garden City.   It was so gorgeous and we loved getting a tour!

 Their beautiful family on their amazing porch!

Before heading to another friend's house for the night, we stopped for Philip to find another geocache...
 ...and to walk in some covered wagon ruts on the Santa Fe trail that are almost 200 years old since the trail was pioneered in 1821!   Way cool!

The Andersons, who have stayed a couple times at our house, graciously hosted us in their home for the night.   They treated us to some amazing Mexican food for dinner.  I missed getting a picture of all of them before Ben went in to work, but here is the rest of them:

 Naomi (2.5)

 Maria (almost 1), and Jonathan (11 months)

 Kaila with David (2.5)

They are a busy, sweet family and we loved spending time with them!   We were the first guests to stay in their newly finished basement and the kids LOVED being the first ones to use their indoor swing!

On the road on Day Two...

 Yup, this is Kansas all right! =)

(Philip found a cache on the KS/CO border)

Around 1 pm, we arrived at Rob and Sarah's home in Colorado Springs.   (We were in residency with them at Eglin and Sarah is in the wifia).

 Caleb made good use of our beautiful guest room right away =)

Their home is Soo gorgeous!   It's a 1980's home that has been totally redone, with some awesome features left original.  Here are a couple pictures I snapped:

 The amazing vaulted ceiling, bright living room

From another angle (the fireplace is made of moss rock!)

 Dining room

 This sunny room was one of my favorite spots and I spent some great quiet times here!

 Family room


 Patio in the back yard
(They have a lot of wildlife out here, even bears sometimes!)

They have a huge basement that Sarah is turning into a Montessori school that will hopefully open next fall!   I didn't take pictures, but she gave Philip and I a tour and it is truly sensational!   Makes me wish we lived closer! =)  It's going to be amazing!

For dinner that evening we met up with Philip's cousins, Dori, and her daughter, Nicole at Black Eyed Pea.   The food was delicious, the kids were amazingly well behaved and we had some Great conversation.   We hadn't seen either of them for years!!

Group shot before saying goodbye

That night, Rob, Sarah, Philip and I stayed up talking until midnight (which was 1 am to our bodies!)  It was so worth it, though, we had a ton of catching up to do!   Philip and Rob hadn't seen each other for five years, and Sarah and I always have tons to talk about.   What great friends they are and we are Thrilled to live closer to them and hope to see them at least once a year now!


Mom W. said...

Wow, their house reminds me of some I have seen in movies!!! Beautiful!!

Kathleen said...

I agree with your mom, Joia. When I looked at the pics of the house my first thought was that it looked like something out of a magazine. Beautiful. Thanks for snapping a pic of Philip with Dori and Nicole. So glad you got to visit. And LOL about the pigeon butt geocache.