Friday, October 16, 2015

Colorado Trip, October 2015 - Cave of the Winds (Day 4)

After leaving Pike's Peak, we took a tour of Cave of the Winds in Colorado Springs.   This was definitely the first time I've been on top of a mountain and down in a cave in the same day!   This cave, however, was at 7,000 feet!

Posing with a huge stuffed bear while we waited

...and watching someone zipline in the canyon!

Canopy Hall - the first and largest cavern in the cave

The kids were just the right size for some of the openings! =)

My faves

"Soda straws"

Philip's faves


They call this "cave bacon" =)

Steep stairs!

The kids in front of one of the coolest formations

An 8.5 foot stalactite!

Caleb touching the One part we were allowed to touch in the cave!

Cave coral!

After the cave tour, we headed to Walmart to stock up on groceries for the next few days of making our own meals.   Then we drove to the awesome "cabin" that Philip had reserved for us in the mountains!   We're at 9,000 feet here.

The kids and I were super impressed when we drove in... and there was a deer standing in the driveway to greet us!

The inside has three levels and every amenity we could want!

Fully stocked kitchen
(It's so great to be able to easily prepare three meals a day while away from home!)

Living room

Master bedroom

The boys' room

Moriah's room
(She loves having this big bed all to herself!)

(The basement has a wet bar, big screen TV, bathroom, laundry room, etc, but has a fairly mature theme, so we aren't spending much time down there).


Mom W. said...

Caves kind of freak me out too, but the cabin is amazing!!

Kathleen said...

Did you think the caves were worth it? The only place I got to go was Pike's Peak while I was out there, so just wondering for the next time. That "cabin" was gorgeous. And how weird to not have a family friendly environment there. Where was the cabin located?