Monday, October 12, 2015

Catch up from September 10th to September 23rd

Okay, on the eve of another trip, I thought I had better get my rear in gear and actually get caught up on blogging before we have another's week's worth of pictures to deal with!   This post will cover what I didn't get to between our camping trip and our anniversary trip.

*Part of the reason I wasn't motivated to blog was because I did my first hospice birth photos (and then ten days later the baby's funeral photos).    This left me with over 500 pretty disturbing images to sort through and edit before I could get to "fun stuff".

Okay, on to lighter things:

 We started CC on September 10th!

This is my first year "tutoring".    This means that from 9:30 to 12:00, I am in charge of six 10, 11 and 12 year olds.   We spend half an hour going over the new material for that week (an example of a week's worth of material is shown below):

 Then we spend half an hour on "Fine Arts", learning the basic shapes of art, mirror images, abstract vs realistic, perspective, etc.   After that we do a science experiment for half an hour, followed by an oral presentation by each of the students (given on a topic laid out the week before).   The last half hour is spent reviewing our new material and the material we covered in the previous week(s).

Despite my nervousness about doing it, it has been incredibly rewarding and fun!   I am enjoying CC more this year than any of our previous three!   God is good! =)  

 Moriah with a "hospital" she made on the Etch A Sketch

 There are several floors to the hospital, lots of windows, and people going up and down the stairs

 Moriah wearing (for one last time while she could still get it on) her special outfit that Philip brought her home from Afghanistan

 Ready for a girl's date!

 At the park with our picnic =)

 A huge fort the kids made in the living room

 My newest water bottle (I think it commemorates Coke's 130th birthday or something?)  I don't drink Coke anymore, but this sure is a fun way to drink some unsweet iced tea! =)

On September 23rd, there was a fun family night on base where you pay $7 a kid, and they get dinner (nachos) and then create a canvas art project!    Keenan brought his friend, Joel, and they all had a blast!


 It was really cool how they had them attach all their canvases with painters tape

 Painting it up!

 The kids really had to work together here, to decide which colors should go where, since a lot of them overlapped onto each other's canvases

 Black handed!  (Oh, Caleb)

All done - I think they're so fun!

Okay, so now we're caught up to the day before our anniversary trip... next we'll do the catch up from After that trip! =)

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Mom W. said...

The art project is so cool, what a different idea, where will you hang them??