Monday, October 12, 2015

Catch up from 2nd to 10th

I feel like we Just got back from our trip to Idaho, and yet, so much has happened already!

Here is a mish mash of the events of the past week or so...

While babysitting the Penny kids last week, all six of them ended up on the couch reading at the same time, without me saying anything!

I fell in love with a packet of tiny canvases at Hobby Lobby and got creative with some fun Sharpies and this is what happened =)

We went to our first wedding in a while on the 4th!    Philip couldn't come, so that was a bummer, but the rest of us had a great time!

All dressed up and ready to go

Our handsome boys!
(I think Keenan especially looks so grown up here!)

Just the girls

(I hardly took any pictures At the wedding, but here are a couple):

The beautiful bride coming in with her parents

The venue was gorgeous!

The happy couple, Dan and Mindy

Our friend, Bonnie
(The kids LOVE her!   Twice she has picked them up and taken them on outings, leaving me with a free morning!)

Caleb and his friend, Moriah

Before hosting 60+ people for a "First Monday" gathering last week, I thought I'd better change the mantel (since it had never been redone since my Spring one!)

I got this at Hobby Lobby too, I love it

Our family says this a lot, and when I found this random piece of wood (looking exactly like this) in the garage, I thought this was the perfect thing for it

On Saturday morning the kids went to their friends, Kate and Lily's, unicorn birthday party:

Face painting!

Petting zoo!

Unicorn rides!

So... these ponies had unicorn horns on, pretty color coordinated blankets on their backs, and their hooves were even painted to match!   And... they're both boys.   Ha!   =)

My bat(men?)

Caleb's turn!

Brushing a cute potbellied pig =)

Okay... almost caught up to the present! =)


Mom W. said...

The mantel is gorgeous!!! I love the board and what it says!! So true!!

Pot bellied pig, interesting... =)

Kathleen said...

Oh My World!! that picture of Keenan and Caleb is beyond adorable!! I can't believe how much Keenan has grown! The mantle is gorgeous and as always, I love ALL your creative projects.