Sunday, September 13, 2015

Camping at Lake Kanopolis!

Over Labor Day weekend, we went camping for two nights... our first time camping in three years!   We decided to set ourselves up for success by only doing two nights, and making meals really easy and simple.   We have a new camp stove that is Awesome though, so I'm excited to do some more elaborate food next time.

We'd heard great things about Lake Kanopolis and the campground was beautiful!   The weather ended up being warmer than the forecast had predicted, but we had lots of wind, and also some great shade trees.

The kids relaxing on our "air mattress couch" while we got settled

That evening after dinner, we drove around to look at the state park and watch the sun go down.   We were also blessed to see more than a dozen deer while we were driving around!

Our neighboring campers had a beagle named, Harley, who (though cute) was pretty annoying with his barking and howling, and he chewed through two of our tent lines!  =0/

The next morning we were up and at 'em and off to go hiking!

Moriah's shirt says "Fun Day with my Family!"

At the trail head

Off we go!

For most of the hike, we felt like we were out in the middle of a wilderness, all on our own!  Pretty cool.

Some pretty horses crossing a creek


The kids loved all the climbing!
(There was a TON of sandstone rocks, but people had written all over them) =0/

Pretty thistle

This cave was one of the highlights

We made it up!

Philip took a turn after I came down

It did not look at all like Kansas!

Some friendly passers by took these ones =)

Good job on this one, Keenan!

This picture was mostly to freak my mom out ;)

Seeing another cave the we decided to head to

Action shot crossing a stream =)

Climbing up to the cave

Break and snack time!

 Cool silhouette shot in the mouth of the cave

 Caleb's got it the best!

 Teeny tiny bugs all up the stem of this flower

 Weary, hot travelers (about a mile from the finish)

 Last leg back to the van!

By the time we finished were were HOT,  and wiped out, but happy with our adventures!  (I ended up with some pretty nasty poison ivy that I'm still dealing with.   I seem to have inherited the Woodford "super sensitivity" to it, and thankfully, the kids seem to take after Philip and not react to it.  I'm so glad I'm the only one that got it!)

 I took this picture because it reminded me of this one from our last trip!


 I took a nap too (and Philip captured this most attractive picture of me) ;)

 It was 101 degrees so we took a mini road trip out of the campground to get ice...and go to Sonic!

While we were out, we decided to check out Mushroom Rock State Park:

 Love this one

 We thought this rock looked like a speedboat! =)

How cool is this??

 Little poser

 Philip and I with another smaller one


 We thought this rock looked like a huge bowl

 Leap of faith

After dinner we all headed to the beach for a MUCH needed refreshing swim to cool off!

 We're not in Destin anymore

 The water was Cold!

 Brave kids just got in!

Philip took the longest to take the plunge =)

Happy kids to be at a beach again!

 Some sweet people gave Caleb this ring and he had a Blast with it!

 Photo bomb!

 Notice Philip is Still dry here? ;)

 The sky was so pretty!

 Moriah's artwork

 Making a moat around their castle

 After we left the beach, we drove to a pretty spot to watch the sun go down...

 These are busting out Everywhere right now!

Philip humored me so we could make a heart =)

After a warm night, we woke up to a cool, breezy morning and had the BEST PACK UP EVER and then had time for a nice family bike ride before heading home!

Woohoo!   Our "easing back into it" camping trip was a great success!   We're ready for more!