Monday, August 31, 2015

Tiara Triathlon!

On Saturday, Melissa and I drove to El Dorado Lake for our first Tiara Triathlon!   It was a women's only event and was super fun!

One of the best parts about it was that it was small in numbers.   The tri I did in 2012 had 1,250 people, and this one only had 130!    It made everything a lot less stressful and also a lot better for spectators (my whole family came this time which was really fun!)

 Melissa and I just before it started (trying not to look too cold)

 One of our favorite poses

 This picture shows the whole swim course 
(We entered the water on the right, swam around the three orange markers and exited on the left)

 Being cold already, I was DREADING getting into the water, but when we got in, it was pleasantly warm!    Yay!

 Off we go...

 Rounding the first corner...

Other than taking in a couple gulps of water after crossing the swim barrier on the way out, the swim went great and I finished much faster than when I had practiced at the Y!

 One event, done!

 In transition
(I took a bit more time and put on some clothes over my tri suit (I'm a little self conscious in it and felt better wearing my usual running clothes)

 Helmet, check!

 Unracking my bike...


 ..and off!  (With my kids cheering me on!)

 The bike was a pretty nice course (but had some hills, too!) but felt  much longer than it was

 Rounding the last corner

 Smiling for the fans

 ..and off!

 Event two, Done!

Helmet off, hat on and Go!

 Let's see what we have left in the tank..

Oh boy, there's that "jelly leg" feeling I remember...
(The woman in front of me is who I ended up pacing with.  She was wearing an Ironman shirt and I figured whatever pace she was doing was good enough).    She was awesome and we ran at an 8:29 minute pace!   (I would have been happy with 10 minute miles at that point!)

 The finish...finally!

 Cute pink finisher's medal...

...and tiara! =)


 Go, Melissa!

Happy girl, proud hubby


 Another guns picture =)

Typically race shirts aren't that cool and come in weird colors and are covered all over with sponsors.   THIS race shirt is pretty cool!  It's a moisture wicking Tank!  I love it!

Here are my stats:

Swim 7:35, 52nd place
Bike 33:12, 32nd place
Run 25:26, 26th place

Total race time was 1:09, 31st place overall and 6th out of 22 in my age category.

Once again, I'm so grateful to God for strength and a healthy body.   I didn't train this time nearly as much as I did for my last one, but I did better in each event than I had anticipated!   Only with His help...

Thank you to Philip for your support and for getting the kids up early to come watch me...and for all the great photos! =)

We loved this event so much that we are planning to do it annually!   Come join us!


Wendi Kitsteiner said...

I have to admit I am jealous reading this. I SO want to do another but just don't know how I can train living so far from a pool and a place I can or bike. Trusting that as my kids get older I can find a way!

Mom W. said...

Good job Joia, fun times!!!

Mark and Rebekah said...

Wow Joia! This looks like fun! And you had great times. What a blessing to have a strong, healthy body! And to have a friend to do it with you :)

Kathleen said...

Wow Joia! I'm so impressed!! You did a great job. You look fabulous and surprised by the great guns! LOL.

Kathleen said...

*I'm surprised