Sunday, August 9, 2015

Pool Fun

Ugh! So behind on blogging again!

We have spent a LOT of time at the pool lately, but usually without Philip because he's at work.   One day last week we were able to go with him in the evening and the kids had a blast!  

Keenan kept us in stitches as he repeatedly tried to catch a frisbee in mid air over the pool... =)

Sooo funny!

Love this one!

Goofy girl

Strike a silly pose

I know this is gross... but also entertaining

Caleb was in a funk and didn't want to be in this one

Ready to launch off of Daddy's shoulders!

She goes so far!

I love this one of Keenan

Finally all three with Daddy

Philip showing Keenan how to catch a frisbee over/in the pool =)

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Mom W. said...

Yes, the frisbee catching would be funny!! Wish I could see it!! The one picture looks like they are just standing about 4 inches in the pool (instead of actually jumping in)!