Saturday, August 22, 2015

Food, Friends and Funky Stuff

I've been a bad blogger again...

Maybe it's just that we haven't done a ton of "picture worthy" stuff lately, I don't know...  We've been pretty busy with school, but also taking time to visit friends, go swimming and have picnics.

I made a peach souffle last week, in my new "personal size" skillet that Steph gave me!    I'd been wanting one for a long time and then lo and behold, one arrived in the mail!   I love it!

It just recently occurred to me that souffle and fruit could go together, and boy, do they ever!

Last Sunday Philip spent the whole day and I spent the morning, helping the Pennys work on their house.   It is coming along great and is so exciting to see the progress each time we go by!

Philip, looking an awful lot like the guy I fell in love with at Teen Missions =)

Me looking super creepy with a hammer

Moriah and Eden with their best pirate faces on (in some fun costumes given to us by friends)

I decided that thin sliced sweet potato would make great "tiny tacos"...and they do! =)
I will be posting the recipe for this pork and chimichurri soon (sooo good!)

Our friend, Andrew, let Caleb pick this Cushaw out of his garden on Tuesday... and I was bound to see what I could make out of it!    I'd never eaten one before (or knew that they were edible), but I found recipes and roasted some, diced some up raw to add to a salad, made some soup, and also made a custard!   Every single one was fantastic!   Who knew??

Today while helping Keenan clean his bedroom, I got a "piercing" in my leg.    Yup, felt a little "pop" and when I looked, I had a jack lodged quite nicely in my leg!   Oddly, it didn't really hurt until I pulled it out.

Silly times on Photo booth, taking pictures to send to Daddy at work =)

Okay, that pretty much catches us up, I think =)


Mom W. said...

Never heard of Cunshaw (sp?) squash!! Looks interesting!!

Peach souffle hu? Hmmmmm, sounds interesting!! =)

Mark and Rebekah said...

I have been doing a TERRIBLE job of commenting on blogs lately, but I have been checking and reading faithfully :) I love these fun pictures :) And it must have been nice to get outside and put those Teen Missions skills to work :) I know Philip's a really good doctor, but he looks pretty comfortable in a hard hat too :)