Sunday, August 9, 2015

Early August Randoms

In an effort to get caught up on blogging before school starts (tomorrow!) I'm going to do a random, scramble post with pictures from whatever we've had going on lately...

Moriah and I discovered a fun, new craft that you can do using party streamers!

You tear a piece off the roll (a few inches long), roll it into a ball, and then glue them to a simple drawing you've made on cardboard...

Part way through...

Voila!   Her finished masterpieces!  So fun!

Here's mine

My friend, Jessica, from Florida was in town again (visiting her family), and we got together for a lunch playdate at Chick Fil A.   The kids reconnected immediately and we had a great chat (I'd never met her husband before and he was super nice, too).

Their whole sweet family

Just kids

I did my first large family photo shoot!   I was SUPER nervous about it (so many factors to think about with 23 people, and I didn't know Any of them!), but it turned out pretty great!

Caleb has Blown us away lately with his letters!   We're so proud of him!

Hilarious picture of how Moriah fell asleep the other night (reading a story to her doll) =)

Caleb with his prize at the end of his first day of no potty accidents!   Today was day FIVE!  Yay!

Tim and Steph and crew were here for about 16 hours (Woohoo!) on their way home a couple days ago, but I didn't take a single picture!   I guess we were all having too much fun together. =)  I cannot say how HAPPY it makes me that we live on their way to Canada!

Fun, "finger food tray" I put together for our kids and the Penny kids for lunch the other day

Ready to dig in!

On Friday night, Philip and I took the kids to "Parent's Night Out" at the YMCA.   You drop your kids off from 5:30 to 9:30, they get dinner, do gymnastics and go swimming, and it's only $15 a kid!

Date night selfie!

We had dinner at Doc Greens and then played Five games of Cosmic Bowling at the really nice bowling alley on base!   Philip did Quite well (with five strikes in one game and his highest score ever!)  I am not a very good bowler, but I had lots of fun =)

My delicious lunch the other day (cucumber rolls stuffed with crab, avocado, carrots and topped with a sriracha mayo)

...and then I made a kid's version which was very popular! =)

I saw this the other day and just had to take a picture!
(Who knew those things had Towing capacity??)

We had Devin and Melissa and the kids over last night for dinner and birthday brownies and ice cream for Devin =)

Well, there's a very fast forwarded catch up on our life! =)

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