Friday, July 3, 2015

Vacation Bible School

A youth group recently came to the community of Planeview (where we meet with our house church), and we were able to partner with them for a VBS, some work projects and a soccer camp. I was asked to help oversee the VBS. They didn't really need much help from me, but it was great to be involved, and the kids loved it!

It had a fun science theme...

A volunteer helping with one of their "experiments"

These two liquids represent God and men (God was the clear, man was the red)
I didn't get a picture, but the red (corn syrup) sunk to the bottom, under the white (water)

Then the (blue oil) sin came in...

...and separated God and men

 ...but Jesus (bleach) made a way... take our sin away

The snack the first day was broken heart sugar cookies (as a result of our separation from God)

Music class

They had super fun songs with actions for them all
(Keenan especially loved them and we have been listening to them on cd in the van ever since)

Recreation (look at Moriah go in tag!)

Keenan's craft

Application study part

Moriah doing crafts

Caleb decorating his t-shirt

Another cute snack - "Bibles" made out of graham crackers, frosting and fruit roll up book marks

Keenan working on his shirt

All the kid's crafts ready at the end

Making mini chalkboards

The first day there were 13 kids out for VBS, and on the last day there were 35!

Super tired boy at the end of it all!
(All three of the kids took naps all three of these days, since the mornings were super busy and Keenan and Moriah had soccer camp every evening from 5:30 to 7!)

Many thanks to the youth group from Hays - you all were such a blessing to Planeview (and to us!) this week!


Mom W said...

What a great idea and so good for the kids!!

Mark and Rebekah said...

I love the snacks they did... And the crafts. How long were the sessions? It looks like you did a great job organizing/leading this :)