Monday, July 13, 2015

Road Trip!! Summer Trip To Canada/Michigan July 2015

Day One

We got on the road just after 7 am this morning and almost 800 miles later, we stopped for night in western Michigan!  The kids were Amazing!  We only made three stops, brought our own lunch, listened to some audio books, took naps and read books.

Terrible family selfie

Philip planned an excellent, gorgeous stop for us at the beach on Lake Michigan in Benton Harbor at sundown while he booked our hotel.   It gave the kids the chance to burn off some energy, me a chance to take pretty pictures and all of us the chance to breath in some fresh air and relax at the end of a long travel day!

So gorgeous... it did my heart good =)

Riah writing "J loves P" in the sand

These Florida kids were So happy to see a beach again!

Caleb unintentionally wrote "HI"

Sweet windblown girl

I had Keenan snap some pictures of the two of us

I Love this one Philip took of Moriah and me!

One more, good job, Keenan!

The kids were pretty sandy, so the first order of business was showers for them all at the hotel and then to bed!

...all in the same bed! =)


Bethany said...

Such a great idea to stop at a beach at the end of a long day of travel! Cute pictures, and I love your anchor top, Joia =) Have an awesome time in Michigan and Ontario!!!

Mom W. said...

3 kids in one bed, quite an accomplishment!!