Monday, July 20, 2015

Days Four and Five

I'm pretty late in getting this updated, but here we are with the happenings of Thursday and Friday last week:

On Thursday afternoon, we all walked over to a school close to Mark and Rebekah's and had a family water day!    Rebekah and Mark did a great job planning and executing a super fun time for us all!

Galina ready to go! =)

I love this - all safely crossing the street with Grandpa

That's a lot of hand holding!

Full teeter totter!

Grandpa making a funny face at the strange sound they made coming down the slide

Keenan and Shaelyn loved this "zip line track"

Not sure why I'm not looking here, but I love this picture I stole from Rebekah!

Teams, trying to roll a ball and knock the other team's water bottle down!

Water balloon volleyball - this was so much fun!
(Look at Kyla in the air!)  Thanks for taking these ones, Ada!

That's my team back there, we got beat =0/

This trip let us meet baby Olivia (three months) for the first time! =)

Friday was rainy most of the day, so there was lots of indoor activity going on...

I love this picture of Keenan and Shaelyn reading together =)

Alisa and Caleb coloring some masterpieces

Moriah's beautiful hair do and Aunty Bekah, the hair stylist!

A sweet kiss shows off the back

Mark and Rebekah gave the parents all a nice break in the afternoon by taking all the kids in the pool!  What a treat for all of us! =)

 Happy kids in the pool!

I had fun doing a quick photo shoot for Rebekah's sister, Amy and her husband, Tyler that evening

Amy and I

Rebekah decided that night that after all the kids had gone to bed, the adults should go for a night swim.   I do NOT like to be cold, and had already been chilly every day in Ontario so far, but... because I love her so much (and because she had been so brave on the zipline), I decided to do it.   IT. WAS. PAINFUL!!   I felt a little bit better that I got to push Rebekah in (haha!) and then she and I dunked Steph.  We got our blood pumping by making a whirlpool and then running against it.   I didn't stay in long, though!

 None of us look very great here, but here's the brave eight!

Love these girls!

I'm sure there's more that happened this day, but if I didn't take photos of it, I don't remember it =0/


Bethany said...

LOVE water balloon volleyball!!! We used to play that in youth group =)

Mom W. said...

Good pictures, great people!! Miss you!!

Mark and Rebekah said...

I think my favourite pictures were the hand holding ones on the way to the park :)

I'm so thankful for the fun times we were able to have together, and the happy memories we made. My favourite times of the year are when I'm able to get together with family, and I'm so thankful that we were all (or almost all) able to be together.

Love you <3