Thursday, July 16, 2015

Days 2 and 3

Here are pictures from the happenings of our last couple of days in Michigan and Canada:

On Monday, we took the kids to Ypsilanti to see our very first apartment...

At the park next to our old apartment complex

Caleb did the fireman pole for the first time!

Good job, Caleb! =)

In front of our apartment (we have such great memories of our time in that 549 square feet!)

Our friends/neighbors, Tammy and Glenda still live across from it!

Here's me holding Keenan like a baby in front of the town house in Belleville where we brought him home from the hospital (thanks Sam and Ernest!) =)

...and Philip with him at our favorite 9-hole disc golf course, where Keenan went disc golfing for the first time at two weeks old, in a front pack. =)  Philip is using the disc that Anthony gave him before we left Michigan.

Then we visited our friend, Melissa, (unfortunately Anthony was at work) and her kids at their beautiful new home!   We are so glad to have them back in Michigan after a stint in Ohio!

Moriah and Maddy (they always pick up where they left off!)

Melissa and I

Keenan (aka Sparticus)

All the kids!  Nino, Ellie, Keenan, Caleb, Moriah, Maddy

Caleb on their awesome trapeze swing

Philip and I with their other great swing

We got to my parent's house in time for dinner on Monday night (and to try out the awesome zipline that Grandpa built!)

Monday morning, my longtime friend, Janice, and her kids came over for a visit:

Keenan and Ben instantly bonded over Settlers of Catan!

All our kids (Ben, Caleb, Kathrine, Rose, Moriah, Keenan)


Janice and I

Pull, Caleb, pull!

For lunch on Tuesday, my mom and I went to a new restaurant in town called "The Lantern", owned by an old friend/former employer of mine!

Jeanette and I (delicious lunch, great experience!)

That afternoon we took all the kids to the splash park...

The water was freezing, but they didn't mind much!

Riah warming up in the sun

Crazy kids

I Love Shaelyn's face here!

Goofy kid

That night, after a delicious dinner, we gathered around and gave my parents some gifts for their 40th wedding anniversary:

On the left is a "family celebration" board that has all of our birthdays and anniversaries on it
The painting is one I did that reminds me of their house and how it still feels like "home" to me.

Caleb and Alisa being adorable, going on a "date"

Since Steph and Ada had previously braved the zipline, it was time for Rebekah and I to take the leap:

Here goes!


So fun!

Rebekah's turn!

She Really didn't want to do it, but she Did!  Yay! =)

We're having Such a great visit!  So thankful to have a bit more time to hang with these people than we usually do!


Aunt Heather said...

I can't believe Rebekah didn't want to do it!

Mark and Rebekah said...

Haha. Surprisingly, I don't like heights, or going off them...

I love the painting you did for your parents. Even though I LOVE my own house, I still feel like I'm going home when I walk into my parents' house :)