Monday, July 20, 2015

Days Six and Seven

Saturday was a fun, full day!

We started the day off by meeting my awesome friend, Laura, and her daughter at the park for some play/visiting time before we had to meet up with the rest of the family for photos.

Laura pushing Caleb on the swing

Her sweet girl (who still needs to stay anonymous for a few more months while things are finalized)
She had so much fun in this mud puddle!

Love this girl!

The photos went well (though it was sooo hot!) and we are all anxious to see how they turn out!

Thanks for these next three, Rebekah!

 My girl and me

Love these guys so much!

 It was a bummer not to have Andrew and Bethany in these pictures, but since I don't see these people often, I wanted to make sure to have pictures with them!

I have such pretty sisters in law!

After lunch, we headed for my Aunt Nora and Uncle Jim's cottage, with a couple geocaches on the way...

Three little ducks following Daddy into the woods

The cottage was so much fun!   The weather was perfect, the kids had a BLAST playing in the water, and the adults had fun relaxing and watching.

 This was actually sort of a photo bomb of a picture Rebekah was taking of Mom and Dad... I love it!

This was a hilarious game Aunt Nora had us play - we were supposed to see what pair could get the most water in their cup (spooning it from a bowl), but what she didn't tell us was that every cup had a hole in the bottom! =)

Keenan and my Uncle John having a sponge fight

The kids loved being pulled on this water skiing "trainer" behind the jetski!

Moriah coming in

Keenan's turn

He didn't stand up this time

Happy kids!

Happy adults!

Sweet Olivia

Goofy Caleb

Smiley Moriah

I Love this photo of my mom and I!

Uncle Dave and me

Sunday morning, we left Mark and Rebekah's and headed back across the border for the Michigan half of our vacation!    The first stop was to see our friends, Erica and Peter (who used to be our neighbors in Kansas), at their new home!    We had a great visit and a delicious lunch!

Caleb and Maddy at their own little table

Smiling on the porch

Group photo in their gorgeous yard!

Erica and Me

After leaving there, we drove a couple more hours to the Lake House on Bear Lake.   Aaaahhh... it's always so good to be here... 111 steps and all! =)


Mom W. said...

Good pictures, so miss you guys!!

Mark and Rebekah said...

I love all these fun, happy summer pictures. It's so special to have family that loves each other... I love that you make coming home a priority and we love every chance that we get to see you!!! Love you ALL!