Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Day Nine

Not many pictures today. Evidence of a relaxing, chill day =)

A huge dragonfly on the deck

Most of the guys (men and boys) went "foot golfing" (golf with a soccer ball) in the afternoon.   The little kids took naps, and the rest of the adults had a lazy, relaxed afternoon either on the water, resting, reading or chatting.  Blisss...

When the little ones woke up we took them down to the lake for a quick swim before Jessica and I got dinner ready.

Sweet Adilyn

Emma was So sweet with the little kids!   They sure miss her now that she had to go home!

Jess and I made dinner - a baked potato bar, corn on the cob, watermelon and brownies
Toppings for the potatoes included:  butter, sour cream, green onions, french fried onions, salsa, chilly, cheese, fritos, pulled chicken, pulled pork, bacon and black beans.  It was a big hit!

We got a whole group photo before Uncle Tim and a couple of his kids had to leave

Oh, oops.  Is it not the goofy one yet? =)

That's more like it!

These two cuties (born three days apart) have a crazy, I don't like you, I love you relationship!

Lots of games going on!

Reagan, Davis, Keenan and Papa playing Monopoly

Hudson, Philip and Matt playing Settlers of Catan

Moriah has kept Megan busy all evening reading books, coloring, building and playing with her bunny, Mrs. Fluffypants =)

Caleb, Adilyn and Jessica "playing" Sorry

These days or relaxation are such a blessing before we go home and launch into the next busy season of our lives!

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Mom W. said...

The potato bar sounds really good!! I noticed only a couple of you have long sleeves on in the picture!!! =) Good picture!!