Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Day Eleven

It took me all the way until our last day to get in the water!   I had been chilly most of the time there and had NO desire to get in the water!   But, finally on the last day, I agreed to go tubing.   It Was the warmest day, although I still wore a long sleeved shirt over my bathing suit.   Uncle Ty promised he would give me an easy ride and I wouldn't even need to get wet!

Our kids with Kiah and Micah on the dock

Before going out on the tube, I needed to get my jet ski fix (obviously I got Myself a little wet here!)

Philip and Moriah

I convinced Keenan to go tubing with me, even though it's really not his thing

All set to go!

I actually ended up totally dunking myself here, while trying to maneuver my tube out over the wake =)
(The water was quite pleasant, actually!)

Moriah and I (this girl could not get Enough tubing!    She must have gone 12 or 15 times!)

Love this one of my handsome guys!

Water lovin' girl!

Micah and Kiah

So happy!

Davis and I switching tubes!

Davis performing his signature move...

I almost peed myself from laughing so hard!

...and his valiant, but vain attempt to jump back to his own tube =)

Kiah and Riah

Keenan is amazing in a kayak!

Caleb getting ready to jet ski with Philip

The two blond beauties again

Caleb was so brave, and even went out on the jet ski and second and third time after Philip dumped them off!

My three sunny cuties

Keenan and Charlie going for a ride

What a perfect day on the water!   I'm soo glad I went out! =)


Mom W. said...

Good pictures, long sleeves... so funny!! Good for Caleb, he will be a fish too!!

Mark and Rebekah said...

Good for you going on the water. Glad to see there's still some Canadoan in uour blood ;)