Monday, July 20, 2015

Day Eight

Our first full day at the lake house has been a great one!

This morning Jessica and I noticed that (despite the heart on hers), we were wearing Identical sweaters!  =)

Our two families headed out late morning to play 18 holes of (hilly!) disc golf!

Ready to go!

You can't really tell what it is here, but Adilyn found a tiny frog

There was so much up and down!

My man and me

Matt and Jess

How cute are they??

The little kids team

The boy's team - they were great!

Lots of climbing!

The boys teeing off behind us

I Love this picture of all of us!

These two did sooo amazingly!   Here they are carrying lots of "guns" along with them

The adult's team

So much fun spending time with this family! 
We were pretty high up here!

My faves

This evening, Moriah got her own personal boat trip out on the lake to go tubing!

She's ready!

So happy!
The handsome boys in the boat with me

Then she wanted Daddy to go with her...

I love this... she's laughing so hard!

That's Matt on the jet ski in the background

Then the boat dropped me off, and picked up Matt and the rest of the kids and Uncle Ty took them out to the middle of the lake to jump off the boat and swim.


Fun smiles

The boys ended up swimming a big part of the way back!

Big game of Settlers

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Mom W. said...

So glad you are having a good time!! Miss you. Hi to Matt and Jessica!!