Saturday, July 4, 2015

Canada Day and a Ziggle!

My three little Canadians and I didn't really do anything "Canadian-y" on Canada Day, since we were still busy with VBS and soccer camp, but we sure dressed the part!

We love our Red and White!

On Canada Day, this cool present from Tim and Steph arrived... in red of course!  It's a "Ziggle" by Radio Flyer, and the kids Adore it!

It's super fun to watch, since even Caleb can do it!

Happy girl!

Caleb doing a spin

It's a little cramped for Keenan, but he doesn't care! =)

Thanks SO much, Tim and Steph - what a great gift!!

A couple pictures from a visit/photo shoot with some friends at the Great Plains Nature Center...

Turtle watching

Love these kids!

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Mark and Rebekah said...

Nice Canada shirts!

I LOVE the picture of the three kids at the end. You have such beautiful and sweet kids!