Sunday, June 28, 2015

Tim and Steph's Visit - Part Two

This is how we decided to keep the kid's cups straight for four days. =)  It saved us a LOT of washing!

On Friday morning, we did family pictures for Tim and Steph in our backyard.








The whole crew!
(I love Gwennie's foot here)

Tim and Steph

Post photo shoot shenanigans

Haha!   These two were so silly together!

Friday afternoon, I decided to do a "painting" class with the girls.    They had all voted on two painting choices, and the majority ruled for "Pink Bliss".   

That's a busy table!

I told them they could opt to do it in whatever colors they wanted, and I LOVE the variations they chose!





Now for some leaves on the trees...

Mika's (her color combination was so striking!)





Now I know why these classes are usually done with a glass of wine in hand!   Haha! =)   They all did SO well and I love how they all turned out!


Class picture
(Tim grabbed a floral decorative canvas off my mantel and posed with it, upside down) =)

That's better!
(Maybe a new tradition, girls?)

Steph made dinner that night, an Amazing Mexican concoction with chicken in a peanut butter/tomato, adobe pepper sauce, rice, homemade refried beans, and homemade mango salsa!    (I substituted cauliflower bread for the tortillas).    Thanks so much, Steph!   We got to enjoy delicious leftovers after they were gone! =)

(Oh, we also had "Jamaica", a delicious drink made from steeped hibiscus flowers!)

That evening, we chased Tim and Steph away for a bit of alone time.   

I started reading to three kids, and this quickly happened! =)

Here's the other three

It was so great to have them for the Whole day on Saturday, before they had to leave in the evening!   In the morning we went to Riverside Park downtown.   To our surprise, we discovered there was a cool wildlife exhibit (with some birds of prey, turtles, ducks, a bobcat, a beaver and an owl).  It also had a great playground.

Gwennie being attacked by her Daddy's creeping floating arms!

My little climbing man

This picture took a surprising amount of coordination to set up! =)

Huskers working on corn for dinner!   Tim picked it up and it was Delicious!

A random picture Philip took of Steph and I mid-conversation =)

A highlight of the trip for me was reconnecting with Steph.   What a blessing she is!

We got the house in ship shape order before they left... and they (amazingly) left with ALL of their stuff (save for 2 hair elastics and one thing they left in the freezer).   They left after dinner (which was sad, but not too sad, since we'll see them again in 2.5 weeks - WOOHOO!)

After they left, we plopped down on the couch to do our out loud reading for the day... and pretty soon it looked like this:

Four straight days of playing with seven cousins, while also going to bed late and getting up early, will wear a kid out! =)

We are SO happy that Wichita is right on the way between Hermosillo and Ontario!    We had such a wonderful visit with you all (and are REALLY hoping you stop back through on your way home!)


Bethany said...

So fun!!! Great pics of Tim, Steph, & Co =) And I'm Amazed at all the girls' paintings… having just done my first of those classes, wow… they did Awesome!

Mom W. said...

What a great idea doing the paintings. Looks like a great time with great fun, food and fellowship!!

Our turn now!! =)