Sunday, June 28, 2015

Tim and Steph's Visit - Part One

Tim and Steph and their crew rolled into town on Tuesday night at dinner time.    We were all So happy that they were finally here!    We had dinner, they got settled, the kids immediately reconnected, and we made a fairly early night of it.

Lego proved to be the star attraction of their visit - it. was. Everywhere! =)

These two were pretty much inseparable the whole time =)

Mika and Keenan did a great job of building up the pirate ship!

I told you it was everywhere =)

Most of the kids ate most of their meals out here, which made enough room for the adults and the little ones inside

On Wednesday, we spent the afternoon at the Y water park!    It was so much fun, the weather was beautiful and the kids played Hard! =)

These are all the pictures I got before one of the lifeguards told me that people aren't allowed to take pictures at the water park.   Bummer!   I was not a happy camper... =0/

On Thursday morning we went to the zoo!

Moriah "milking a cow"!

These two dressed like twins for the day

Gwennie petting a sheep

Keenan and a friendly goat

Stephanie with Stephanie the elephant =)

Our ten little cubs!

Moriah gets a lift!

This gorilla just sat and looked serious, but his buddy came over, swung from a rope and crashed his feet into the window, just inches from Steph!   It was hilarious! =)

So pretty!

Mike read this Giant book (and several others!) during her visit

A group shot near the river on Thursday night as we waited for the lighting of the ring of fire

Silliness (weird, Moriah's head is on Caleb's body!)

So fun to all be together!!

Gwennie picking flowers

Pretty Mika

All lit up

Holding hands on the bridge on our way over to get closer to the fire

That's hot ;)

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