Monday, June 1, 2015

Sunday at the Zoo

Philip had to work all weekend, so we did a lot of stuff without him.   I know, I have a lot of zoo pictures. But really, we do try to focus on a different area each time and I try to not bore you with the same old, same old...

 This cracked me up... just snoozin' in the sun

 Sidesaddle on a donkey =)

 I love this!

 This goat was Hilarious and tried to eat Moriah's hair!

 Giggles ensued...

 He was persistent!

 Fun shot in a cool garden we found

 In a huge log (that's Caleb in the background)

 Cute, miniature daisies

 How sweet is this??

 The kids love to brush the goats!

 Moriah was quite popular!

 This one wanted to eat her shirt!

 I love how the goat on the left looked right at the camera! =)

 Better picture of the bear than last time


 My three little bears

 The otter graced us with a quick peek out of here and back in he went!

 The bald eagles are so majestic!

 THIS is the way to see the zoo! =)  (This was the kid's idea, Keenan was pushing from behind!)

 His turn

 This isn't a great picture, since it's taken through the glass, but we realized on this trip that we had never before seen the Cougar exhibit!

 This fun wall inspired me to take shots of each of us =)

 So grown up and handsome!

 Pretty in pigtails

 Mischievous smile

 Grouchy gorilla

 The boys at lunch

 ...and the girls

 As we were leaving we got to see Two duck families!    I sure have a weakness for baby ducklings...

...that's all for now, folks =)


Mom W. said...

Poor Moriah, we don't want to hear that she was eaten by a goat! Her pigtails are cute!!

Mark and Rebekah said...

I love your pictures! Hey, I just had a fun idea. Maybe you guys should write a kids' story this summer, and then you take the pictures and make it into a kids' book! Haha. I don't know if it would work, but if anyone could make it happen, it would be you!
Anyway, looks like you had a great day :)