Saturday, June 20, 2015

Snapper in the Hood!

The kids and I were leaving to go somewhere a few days ago, when I spotted this guy in the street, headed towards our yard and had them jump out of the van to come see it!

We had seen a small turtle crossing our street not too long ago, but this guy was a totally different story!

He was huge!

Keenan with it for perspective

Look at that tail!

He had a crack in his shell, so we wondered if he'd been hit (since he wasn't moving)
A couple of our neighbors came over as we were deciding what to do about him and Kurt lifted him up - the turtle's head shot out, his mouth flew open and he started hissing and snapping and his legs started thrashing!   Kurt just sort of jogged him over to the pond, set him down at the edge, and the turtle dove in and disappeared!   He didn't seem to be any the worse for wear! =)  (I saw him early the next morning in our neighbor's yard across the street!)

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Mom W. said...

Yikes, snapping turtle indeed!! Glad he was OK!!