Friday, June 19, 2015

Sarah comes to visit!

I got an email from my friend, Sarah, (she was one of the "wifia" group during residency at Eglin), saying she was taking a road trip with her girls, and could they stop by?   I was Thrilled!   Sarah and I hadn't seen each other since early 2011, and our kids hadn't seen each other since they were little (they'd never met Caleb).

The kids hit it off instantly and played really well the whole time!

 Trying to find Moriah's bouncy ball in the pond

 With their old/new friends, Della and Morgan

Sarah and I had a Great time catching up - all the way to 1 am! =)   We look forward to visiting their family in Colorado and maybe doing some skiing together in the spring!

 Some early morning pictures, while waiting for their friends to wake up =)

 Sarah!   It was sooo good to see this girl again!

 One more kid picture

 Our whole crew!

 On Wednesday, Moriah and I washed every. single. window. in our house (inside and out), plus screens!    Yes, I admit it.   This was the first time I had washed the windows since we moved in almost a year ago! =0/ It sure felt good to get it done!

Later that day, I did a quick shoot for our friends, Kyle and Sarah with their kids and brand new baby, Piper!  (Kyle is graduating on Saturday and they're moving to Colorado!)

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Mom W. said...

So good to see Sarah again!! She looks great!!