Saturday, June 6, 2015

Pool Time!

On Monday, we had three kids (friends from CC) over for the afternoon and dinner, while they're parents got their house ready to put on the market.

Look at the beautiful princesses!
(Sophia, Riah and Alyvia)

On Tuesday, we checked out the waterpark at one of our local YMCA's.  It was amazing!

The huge structure in the younger kids area (complete with huge dumping bucket, which Keenan and Moriah loved!)

It also had two big water slides and a lazy river!

The very next day, we were invited by some friends to join them at Another YMCA water park!

It was aweome, too!  Geared a little more toward young ones, but did have a water slide and a wave pool!

I LOVE this picture of Caleb! =)

Just chillin' in the sun

Under one of the spray "umbrellas"

On Friday we took our friend, Tam, with us to Exploration Place.

Ready for some mini golf!   (Tam's first time!)

The kids in front of the Keeper of the Plains

They both got a hole in one on this hole!

We found Huge blackberry bushes growing beside hole 17!

They were Loaded, so we all had a treat! =)
(We had to wash our purple hands when we went inside!)

Moriah and Tam off on an adventure

In the hurricane machine!

This cool "covered wagon boat" went by while we were inside!


The Woodfords said...
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The Woodfords said...

Oh, so fun!! What a great way to cool off on hot days! Not so hot as Florida at this time, I imagine, though?

Love you all!

Mom W. said...

Oh, those berries sure bring back memories!!! What amazing water parks!! Gearing up for Tim and Steph's visit??? Rob and Ada heading south for Hank's wedding this weekend!!

Mark and Rebekah said...

What a fun post. I LOVE all the pools and slides... There always seem to be so many fun things to do where you live :) Maybe I should get you to come find the fun places around my house :)

Bethany said...

Wow!!! Your YMCA's are way cooler than ours... Looks like tons of fun! =)