Monday, June 1, 2015


Friday was sort of a cold, dreary day, so we decided to "pinterest it up" to entertain ourselves.

But first, a trip to the Commissary, where we picked up a 23 pound watermelon!!

This is what we ended up with =)

Next, we made homemade play dough in four colors and sat outside to play with it!

Moriah fit as many shapes as possible onto hers

Caleb's snowman

My happy monster



...and Keenans
(Have I mentioned lately how much I dislike what blogger is doing to the color of my photos??)

Then the kids played a points game in the driveway with chalk and rocks

Cheese and apple boats

These didn't turn out very pretty, but the kids sure liked them!

...and shrimp boil for dinner! =)

Caleb helping Daddy with his sit ups =)


Mom W. said...

What is blogger doing to the colours? Too dark? The play dough creations are amazing!!

Mark and Rebekah said...

Fun stuff! It's so nice to be spending more time outside, eh?
(Yes, I'm Canadian :/)