Sunday, June 14, 2015

Ice Cream and Stuff

I am not doing well at keeping current on here! =)

Some random catch ups:

I am proud to announce that Philip (along with our friend, Kevin Gray) recently had a chapter published in this textbook!

Last week, I let the kids have homemade ice cream on their waffles for breakfast...




Happy kids!

I had "ice cream" for breakfast, too! =)
(Carmalized banana and pecan)

How Keenan can be found for large portions of the day =)

I've started making my own bread (and the whole family is on board!)


Aunt Heather said...

And the textbook has an apposite title!

What topic did Philip write about?

Aunt Heather said...

Found it! Leukemia

Mom W. said...

Good for you making your own bread and Congratulations Philip for being published!! (I am not surprised however!!!)