Thursday, June 18, 2015

Fast facts

This will be super quick, since I'm trying to get it posted quickly before I make lunch:

 I wrote some objects down on little papers and had them draw one out.   Whatever they chose, they had to make out of lego!   They did really well! =)
(Keenan chose "shirt", Moriah chose "flower", and I think Caleb made whatever he wanted)

 Doing some rubbings on a fern frond!

 "He's my best friend!"

 First swim of the season at our neighborhood pool!

 Philip and I heading out to a graduation for our friends who completed the International Fellowship

 Our super awesome friends, Todd and Dawnita!

 Gorgeous flowers I got to take home from the graduation

A few pictures from a super fast trip to the zoo the other day:

 In the middle of the new Tropical exhibit

 Behind the waterfall!

 He swam right up to the window!

 Close up of some busy ants

Checking out a trail we discovered while disc golfing the other day...

 You could almost forget you were in Kansas!

This was a sweet surprise Keenan and Moriah made out of Lego for Philip and I the other day!

"We Love You"

The "O" was a tiny treasure box, filled with six "scrolls", listing things about us that they were thankful for!

This was one of Philip's.   They also wrote that they were thankful for food, being loved, being taught things, that we take them places, and that Daddy works to earn money for us =)

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Mom W. said...

Good thankful kids!!! So good!!!