Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Belated Father's Day Post

It has been a busy few days since Father's day (and now we have NINE of my favorite people staying with us, and creating lots of blog worthy material themselves), so I need to get this posted while I have a minute! =)

Our Father's Day was fun and relaxed...

Philip slept in and I made this Cheesy Potato Frittata for breakfast:

The kids helped me make a fun shirt for him (they did the front)...

Proud Daddy with his kids

Moriah made this lego robot a few days previous, and couldn't WAIT to give it to him!

It even had "daddy" hidden in the bottom!

Caleb trying out Daddy's "back massage" shirt

He gets a free back massage while Caleb "drives" his car from our house, to McConnell AFB, to the Nifty Nut House, to Daddy's work and to the zoo! =)

We had a scare when one of the tiny baby birds fell out of the nest on our porch!   I quick grabbed some gloves (he seemed unhurt) and climbed up the ladder and put him back...and then the kids and I prayed that no one else would fall it (it's very crowded up there!)

That afternoon Philip was rounding at the hospital so the kids and I got creative with lego..

Moriah and I made a watermelon slice..

and a strawberry

That afternoon we went to a residency pool party.  It was super fun!    

Keenan found the zipline right away!

Moriah probably rode it the most!

From the top

They also had a HUGE slip'n'slide set up!



The party

I LOVE this painted bike by the pool!

Caleb coming down with some friends

...then the adults got into it =)


"Okay, who's going to go down and hurt themselves next?"
(Their weight would carry them right off the end of the slide and they got so muddy and scraped up!)

Caleb wearing a harness, all ready to zipline!


This is from about a week ago...

Crazy hair in the pool

I snapped this on our way out of the graduation on Saturday night
Philip thought it was cool that you could see Venus, Jupiter and the moon all at once!

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Mom W. said...

Wow, the zip line looks fun!! Good thing you rescued the baby bird!! Sounds like he stayed put!!

Looking forward to seeing the pictures with some of your fav. people!!!