Monday, May 18, 2015

They're Ba-ack!

Remember these guys?

Who laid these?

That turned into these?

You can read about the whole adventure here.

Anyway... After they were finished with it last year, their nest fell down.  (I think our bug guy might have messed with it).   I was a little relieved, since they really had made quite a poopy mess of our front porch during their whole childrearing experience.

However.... they still saw promise here:

...and set to work rebuilding!  (I was a tiny bit annoyed, but didn't have the heart to discourage them - besides, for all I know, they've been nesting here for years!)

This is after only three days of work!

Well, welcome back, Mr. and Mrs. Barn Swallow =)

1 comment:

Mark and Rebekah said...

Welcome back!
(Are you happy? Or a little bit of trepidation when remembering all the stress of being Barn Swallow foster parents?)