Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

Getting home from Florida was quite the ordeal! I left Myrtle's house shortly after 4am. I returned the Mustang (sniff, sniff) and went to my gate.

*While I was waiting, on the news, they were talking about Denzel Washington giving a commencement speech at Dillard University in New Orleans.   He encouraged students to "Put God first in everything you do."   I was shocked and couldn't believe that I was actually hearing this being talked about (in a positive way) on TV!   He also said, "Put your shoes under the bed at night so that you have to get on your knees in the morning to reach them."  He told them to thank God for His grace, mercy and understanding.
Pretty cool stuff.

On our flight from Florida to Dallas, we were rerouted because the Dallas airport had been shut down because of bad weather.   We landed in Austin, TX, and sat in a huge lot, parked alongside a bunch of other planes for two hours, waiting for Dallas to reopen.

We finally arrived in Dallas (late for my 10:40 flight which had been rescheduled for 2:30).   At 2:00 that flight was cancelled.  

I got in a line (with literally 1,000 or more people) to rebook my flight.    I stood in that line for over two hours, moving about 200 feet in that time.   I felt sick for those who were traveling with children and tried to say something encouraging whenever I had the chance.

Finally, when it was my turn, they told me that there were no available seats on flights to Wichita that day or the next.   My best bet was to be on standby (number nine) for a 7:45 flight that evening.

Philip was incredibly helpful via text all day, figuring out new gate and time changes and keeping me in the know.   As a back up, in case I missed the flight, he reserved a rental car for me to drive home in the morning.    Devin and Melissa have friends that live 45 minutes from the airport, who said I could stay the night (Philip didn't want me sleeping in the airport, and I couldn't start driving that night, since I'd been awake since 4am!).   I would then make the 6 hour drive home.

You make a few "friends" when you're all stuck in the same boat, waiting for that long in an airport.   When I got to my gate for the flight that evening, I reconnected with a German guy who I had chatted with before our 2:30 flight was cancelled.    As we waited and waited, and departure time came and went, we chatted with a woman also getting on our flight.    As I looked around, I noticed that there were a LOT of people waiting with us and that the plane we were getting on was Not a large one.   I said, "Well, either way (if it gets cancelled or I miss the cut off), I don't think I'm getting on this flight because there are way more people than are going to fit."   The woman said, "Oh, do you not have a ticket?   Here, I have my husband's boarding pass, our plans changed, and he didn't need to come on this leg of the trip."  The German guy spoke up and said, "Yes, please, give it to her!   She's been here since this morning!"  What!?   Would this work?    Would they notice the name that came up when they scanned it and not let me use it?    I prayed and hoped.

FINALLY, after waiting and waiting (and hearing nothing from the staff), our flight attendant arrived and our "7:45 flight" started boarding at about 9:45.    My boarding pass with a random man's name on it was scanned without incident and I was ON!    Praise God!   I have Never been so happy to be on a plane before!

My Mother's Day plans - to be home at lunch time to see my family and spend the day with them (and eat delicious BBQ chicken that Philip had made on the grill) didn't turn out the way we had anticipated.   The kids were long asleep when I got home (thanks Devin for hanging out so Philip didn't have to bring them!), but I was SO happy to be home (for the last hour of Mother's Day), to kiss my kids and sleep in my own bed!   God is so good.

Three happy kids greeted me in the morning with a "Welcome Home Mommy" sign and special pictures/messages they had made in my Mother's Day book.   Philip had got me tons of flowers and a really sweet and funny card.   I felt very special and celebrated and it didn't matter at all that it was a day late.  =)

My gorgeous roses!

Moriah picked these out

Love these three kids so much!!

I brought home some small gifts for the kids:   A beach themed necklace for Moriah and Blue Angel planes for the boys

They loved their gifts

Moriah's necklace

The boy's planes

Philip and the kids had done a wonderful job of keeping the house neat, so I had minimal work to do to get ready for our event and overnight guests that evening!    More details beautifully worked out =)


Mom E said...

What a journey!! Our disappointments are God's appointments. I was So relieved to get Philip's phone call and hear you made it on that flight!!

Also, Glad that God gave you favor with that woman & the German guy too. And although glad that you made it on board, doesn't it seem kinda' scary that you got on the plane with a boarding pass with a random man's name on it & was scanned without incident? LOL.
Just proof that with God all things are possible. :)

Mom W. said...

Enjoyed, of course you had told me all of this!! =0