Friday, May 29, 2015

Second Birthday Week Date

Last night Philip and I got to go on our second date of the week! =)

We had a delicious dinner at Bonefish Grill, then enjoyed the beautiful evening while playing 18 holes of miniature golf!

It was a really cute course, I loved this little house

Me being goofy after getting a hole in one =)

A stranger saw us trying to take a selfie here and took pity on us =)

One of Philip's personalized putt shots

Pretty flowers along the way

I loved this reflection

The course was quite pretty!

After mini golf, we went and checked out a couple of car options... trying to decide what to replace Philip's Civic with.   Fun evening, thanks again, Devin and Melissa!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend, Etc.

Here are some pictures from our holiday weekend and the surrounding days:

The kids made a new friend, Min, who has a little motorbike!

I think Moriah especially looks so grown up on it!

This was a thrown together dinner that turned out to be a winner!

We had the Pennys over on Monday and did a cookout.   I made two flavors of homemade ice cream:

Strawberry was the only one that got a picture, I also made Cookies and Cream...

...and Philip and I did ribs for the first time on the grill!    I made a rub which we put on the day before and let it sit, then Philip cooked them for an hour and a half, then slathered them in honey, then steamed them in apple juice, and then we served them with homemade BBQ sauce.  They were AMAZING!!   (I had them for breakfast on my birthday) =)

Philip took the kids to Lego club on my birthday while I went shopping.  This is what they made.

I went to Whole Foods, Bed Bath and Beyond and Ross... here are a few of my favorite random purchases! =)

As part of our endeavor to eat healthier foods, I decided the kids and I should each choose one new food from the produce section so we could try them out!    

Keenan played it safe and chose the orange cauliflower (it tasted exactly the same as white).

I chose the large "Jicama" (mexican potato).   It was very strange!   The peel, once you cut into it, could be pulled off in large chunks!   I then used my new mandoulin and we made fries out of them, which were quite good!    You can also eat it raw (it's crunchy and a bit sweet), in salads, etc.

Caleb chose the star fruit.    Moriah and I were the only ones that liked it.  I don't think it was quite ripe.

Moriah chose the Asian Pear.   Not sure if it was ripe either, it was a bit like an apple, crunchy, but a bit bland.

All in all, a good experience!

We found this guy headed across the street towards our house the other day and put him back near the pond.  I think he's a Western Painted Turtle

A delicious lunch of mine, quinoa chicken burrito bowl!

I bought myself a harmonica!   It has been SO much fun to learn to play (I still have a long way to go).

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Overnight Date Surprise!

We had scheduled a date for next Thursday and Devin and Melissa agreed to watch our kids. On Thursday, they asked if we'd also like to go out this weekend! We said, "Sure!"   Yesterday morning, they called and said, "How would you like to have an overnight date and stay at a hotel downtown?"  (I guess they wanted to say "thanks" for letting them stay in our basement).  "Um, YES!"   They reserved us a room at the Old Town Hotel and shooed us out of the house shortly after 5.

Heading out

We had a delicious dinner at Carrabba's (thanks to gift cards from Dad D. and the Lathams!  Thanks, guys!)

The hotel is so cool

Our room was gorgeous and Huge!!
(It was awesome having a corner room with all the windows!)

Looking back the other way
(The kitchenette had a fridge, stove top, dishwasher, microwave and all the necessary utensils for cooking - though we didn't need any of it).

The bedroom
(The bed was soo comfy, with a pillow top mattress)

This huge jacuzzi was in our room as well!

We checked in, watched some tv, while sitting in the jacuzzi tub, and then decided to see a 10:00 showing of "Avengers" at the Old Town theater a couple blocks away.   We hadn't gone to a movie that late in a while! =)  We walked over there, thoroughly enjoyed the movie, and had a nice walk (though a bit rainy) back to our hotel before crashing for the night.   We woke up at 9:30 this morning!   What bliss!! =)

In one of the four pretty windows overlooking Old Town

Every part of the hotel was beautiful, (and ornate, and old fashioned) this was the view from our floor down into the main atrium

I loved the phone in our room!

Philip outside the front entrance as we headed to breakfast

This cool sculpture was made out of bike parts!

I liked this stack of suitcases

Breakfast at Egg Cetera (isn't the name so cute??)

The food was soo good!
Philip had a bagel with smoked salmon, cream cheese and eggs, with Waldorf salad

I had Eggs Benedict, roasted potatoes and onions, with a yogurt, fruit, granola parfait!

Selfie on the brick streets of Old Town

What a perfectly fun and relaxing date!   We are sooo thankful to the Pennys for their generosity!   Such a great way to kick off the holiday weekend! =)

Friday, May 22, 2015

Joint Birthday Brunch!

 My friend, Kelly, and I share the same birthday!    A couple months ago, I told her I thought it would be fun if we had a birthday brunch with a bunch of our friends.  She agreed, and so it was today (a few days early).

Kelly and I, birthday twins (8 years apart) =)

 The dining room all set for the party

 Since it's Kelly's "golden birthday", I incorporated gold into the color scheme

 This cake sort of inspired the whole idea =)

 Yogurt bar!
(This was so much fun...and so delicious!)

 The cake got a little fancied up

 Strawberry Lemonade and Champagne and Orange juice for Mimosas

 I made the cake and did the yogurt bar and Kelly made two quiches.  Our friends brought the rest:
Berry baked oatmeal, scones, fruit salad, goat cheese stuffed dates wrapped in bacon, chocolate banana bread, biscuits, cinnamon rolls, and bacon and sausage bites!

 With our friend, Lauren H, who had to leave early

 With the cake


 It was really fun to use my china for the party and it got lots of compliments!

 This recipe is on my blog

 Most of our guests!
Angela (and Elias), Christa (and Eden), Jessica, Dawnita, Becca (and Cora), Felisha (babysitting Bennett), Lindsay, Me, Kelly and Lauren (with Wheeler)

Michaela arrived after the group photo

Favors - fancy tp rolls painted with gold, sealed with pretty tape and filled with gold Sixlets (candy covered chocolate balls)

What a fun morning!   Kelly and I are both so blessed to call all of these women friends and it was so great to get to celebrate our birthday(s) with all of them!