Friday, April 3, 2015

Life with the Pennys and Stuff...

We've had the Pennys living with us for two weeks, in between returning from Costa Rica and moving into their rental home for the next six months.    It has gone amazingly well (at least for us, I hope they feel the same!)

We've had a good schedule and been able to maintain two families worth of schooling, cooking, laundry, and appropriate time apart, all the while still being friends! =)

It definitely has it's perks having an extra mom and dad in the house!   I've been able to go for a run or go to the grocery store, without having to worry about my kids! =)

Our kids have loved having friends here for two weeks (well the older four have had a great time, the two little boys have had some spats) =)

Moriah and Eden working on one of their art endeavors
They've also spent lots of time playing with dolls, riding bikes and just being silly together

Crazy hair Treyson shortly before he got a haircut
I love this picture

They staged this pose themselves

Eden reading a bedtime story

Caleb with a magnatile masterpiece

Keenan's symmetrical shapes art piece

Moriah's drawing of President Wilson for a presentation at C.C.
(I LOVE this picture - it reminds me of one of the goons from the animated 101 Dalmations!) =)

Some stuffed portobellos I made for lunch one day

Caleb fell asleep at nap time wearing his winter hat and some mittens he found in the winter clothes stash in my room =)

I love this little bomber jacket he got from a friend
(the only good thing about the random cold days we've got recently)

I took some "I'm almost TWO" photos of this little stinker...

...but then had to do a second session, because his parents thought he should have a haircut..

He was Such a champ the second time and totally remembered everything I wanted him to do! =)

He's such a clown!

I love this one of him with his awesome parents!

Everything is bursting out in bloom here and I was DELIGHTED to discover that we have a lilac bush in the backyard!   We had missed it's blooming season last year, so I had no idea!

I had all six kids for a couple days this week while Devin and Melissa were working/moving into their rental home.   Here are a few pictures from our adventures the second day:

On the merry go round
(I actually braved the grocery store on base with all six of them after this - and totally bribed them with Klondike bars for dessert)

I LOVE this picture!

Four big kids in one slide...

...two little ones in another =)

The most beautiful bouquet of dandelions ever picked =)

I just realized there aren't any pictures of Keenan and Jade together here.   That's probably because they were always busy, building with Lego's, playing board games (including two new to Keenan ones, "Pandemic" and "Labyrinth"), or drawing up an elaborate, 4-page spread military base, complete with such things as a "lava shooter" tanks, robots and it's own electrical plant. =)

I've enjoyed being able to try out some fun, new breakfasts, and having extra people here to serve it to.   Devin and Melissa were always awake quite a while before their kids, so I would make things like Sweet Potato and Sausage Waffles, or Apple Blueberry Crisp, or Dutch Baby Pancakes or Quinoa and Oats, and just take two servings downstairs to them before one of them had to leave for work.   Melissa joked that if I kept that up, they were never going to move out! =)

It's been great having them here, and we are so thankful that we have the space to do it.   It will be really fun having them live only five minutes away, as we continue to do life together.    Welcome Home, Pennys.

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Mom W. said...

Looks like a family of 12 could be doable!!! Good thing you all get along so well!! The breakfasts sound really good!!!