Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Kansas City Weekend Trip (Mar 2015)

This past weekend, Philip attended an AAFP (American Academy of Family Physicians) conference in Kansas City, so the kids and I tagged along.   It also gave the Pennys some peace and quiet here for four days!

Moriah (eyes closed, oops!) with the cool light shining in the lobby

Fun silhouettes in front of the view from our floor (the 29th of 40)

Super hero poses

What it actually looks like

At a park near our hotel (in front of a children's hospital) where the kids could play this huge piano by running back and forth

Philip took these pretty daffodil shots

Watching the helicopter take off from the roof of the hospital

On the fun park

Part of our hotel from the park (the big round thing on top is a fancy lounge that we didn't have access to, but sure wished we could see!)

The gorgeous lobby

Reflection of a cutie

The view from our room
The pool was on the roof of a six floor section of the hotel
The covered (green) walkway took us over to the Crowne Center where there were tons of restaurants, stores, fountains and fun things for kids

The air was still chilly, but the pool was heated, so the kids didn't care!

Caleb and I mostly stayed in the hot tub =)

In the swim out tunnel that connects the hot tub room to the pool

We got to have dinner and hang out with our friend, and Philip's former boss, Dr. Haynes!

At dinner at Fritz's, a fun, train themed restaurant at Crown Center

I placed our order from a phone at our table!

There comes the train, bringing our food!

Dropping it off above our table...

...then it was lowered down!  So cool!

The littlest engineer

Our side of the table.  I love the hats!

Junior conductors

All aboard!

At the entrance

Funny picture by the display for the Legoland Discovery Center

Caleb mastered the escalators without help this weekend =)

 Taking a nap in the lobby while we ate take out from (the amazing) Joe's Kansas City BBQ!

At the pool again, and this time it was warm enough to actually enjoy the outside!

 Canon ball fun

This photo was taken with my zoom lense from our hotel room.    Caleb was exhausted, so I stayed at the room and put him to bed, and Philip and the kids went to do a geocache and go to the park near our hotel.   He called me from there, and I waved my red sweatshirt in the window, so they could figure out which was our room.  Then they stood where I could see them and I took their picture!   I was over 300 feet up, and about

 Moriah's pretty crown that she made at the Hallmark "Kaleidoscope" kid's art center.  They do free craft sessions every half hour, with just about every imaginable option for decorating possible!   Pretty fun!

One of the many controlled burns we saw between Kansas City and home

We loved Kansas City and there are still Tons of things for us to do another time when we can do more things as a family!


Bethany said...

Ok, so the train restaurant looks like a super fun place to go… how was the food?

Mom W. said...

I was going to comment the same about the train restaurant as Bethany did, also with the picture of the doctors it cracked me up that their hands look so BIG!! What an amazing hotel too!!! Great pictures!!!

Anonymous said...
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