Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter Photos 2015

I had decided I'd do the kid's Easter photos while we were in Kansas City and was Delighted to find that there were lots of great spots to take them, right around our hotel!

The kids did great, and I love how they turned out!

Handsome boys

I love this rock wall

How did he get so grown up??

Our sweet girl

Too cool for school

This cat came along mid session and the kids loved it!

These two are my favorites

This was the last shot I did of all three of them, and it got the best smiles, because (unknown to me) the cat had snuck up behind me, and then rubbed against my leg, just as I took the picture =)

Pretty girl with the daffodils


Mom W. said...

Great pictures, I can't believe how grown up Keenan looks!!! The rock wall is a great backdrop... and I like the cat!! Of course!!!

Bethany said...

Great pictures!!!